Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Scrimmage Musings

I have been involved for many years in youth sports. Well over 50 in baseball(softball) as a player, coach, broadcaster, and umpire, not so many in the others, although I have coached soccer and football, played the latter, and played intramural and playground basketball....I have also broadcast basketball and football, and of course now officiate the latter.

One thing I had known, but it set like quick drying concrete last night, was the fact, as good as I think I am as a baseball umpire, in football, I have a long, long, way to go.

Baseball, weather you do a 2, 3, or 4 man crew(have never done the latter), you work as a team, but in reality, you, for the most part are responsible for yourself...in football, not so much. Baseball, although you do have some freak rules that on occasion come into play, most things, strikes, plays at bases, catches, outs, safe, etc, are black and white. On the Gridiron, things are pretty different, and judgement is much more subjective.

Beginning my 4th year of football, even though in my late 50s(60 next March)...after last night's scrimmage at Spencerville, I realize, I need to study the rule and case book harder.....just the way I am, I don't want, even in my own eyes, to be a half-assed official. I won't stand for it on the baseball diamond, there is no reason I should on the football field.

The above was just a personal rant, directed at nobody, but myself.

Otherwise, how are things? Well Patricia started classes today, school is open for most area kids. Hal has begun his student teaching at Fairborn, part of his 9 months of Grad School at Wright State. If all goes well, he'll have his Masters in High School History Education come next June...hopefully he can, if he chooses, begin his High School teaching and possibly coaching career full time next fall.

Sam has another month before classes begin at Ohio State-Lima, and is still trying to make RV runs, however, those runs are getting few and far between, as the RV Business continues to slump....he is in the process of getting his football officiating license, and basketball as well. Between the 3 major sports, you can earn a good part time living.

Enough for Today!

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The Lonely Conservative said...

Got any pitching tips? I just embarrassed myself horribly pitching to my son in the yard:-)

pat houseworth said...

I was a catcher my whole career, couldn't pitch, couldn't field, but I could hit the heck out of the ball, so back in the day before the DH, they made me put on the gear behind the plate. That made it a natural for me to switch to umpire work, once my playing and coaching days were over.