Friday, August 15, 2008

Leather, Football, Sun Flowers, and Phone Calls

Patricia and I headed down to Fairborn(home of Wright-Patterson AFB, Wright State University, and Hal's home for another year, while doing his graduate work and student teaching at Fairborn High School). We took Hal out to lunch at the local Chili's, and got a look at his new apartment and the "tip" he got from Dallas Star's NHL Hockey player SZ(initials only used for obvious reasons). The player, a 13 year veteran is planning on playing at least one more year in the NHL, but the Russian has a house in New York and was moving much of his stuff back there. Hal got the job of moving his stuff from Dallas to turns out SZ, had some items he chose not to move into his New York house and instead of a cash tip, he gave Hal and his co-driver some furniture as a "tip" instead of cash. They were given a china cabinet, a marble topped table, some bed room furniture, desk, chest of drawers, and a custom made leather couch and twin chairs to match...Hal and Garrett spit the goods and decided to sell some other stuff....but with moving into his new apartment, Hal chose to keep the custom made leather living room stuff.....and it is indeed that's a tip!

We got home at 2:30, after leaving the Dayton area, and as I walked in the door, my cell phone rang, and none other than blog and another Air Force/Vietnam Sky Cop, and blog buddy "Mushy" was calling:

Had a nice conversation with him and Jeff, the FHB:

Jeff and Denise had stopped by Ohio last week, then finished up their vacation with a couple of days with Mushy and his Mrs....Mushy has the details on his blog, and I'm sure Jeff will have more when he gets home next week.

Patricia and I had purchased some Sun Flower seeds earlier this spring, and she planted them in the back yard....we got the multi-colored Evening Sun variety, which are quite different than the Giant Sun Flowers or your regular Yellow Sun Flowers....these come in multiple colors. We have not had a lot of luck, the ones that did bloom, the tree rats(aka Squirrels) hung over the fence and picked clean....this morning the first one that was far enough from the wood fence bloomed....and as you can see, is quite different from your everyday Sun Flower.

Last night I started off my late summer/fall football campaign officiating a double header with 7th and 8th graders...tonight I did the Freshman scrimmage and so far(knock wood), my back is holding out....the legs and ankles are getting used to it this weekend, but back at it at Spencerville on Monday.

Have a great weekend....
back later>>>>>>>>>>>

Photos-The Evening Sun style Sun Flower, and Hal's leather digs from his moving of the Dallas Star hockey player.


Shrinky said...

Oooh, those leather seats look sooo comfy! That sunflower is absolutely beautiful Pat, I love sunflowers anyway, but this variety has got to be my favourite.

Buck said...

That's some pretty cool furniture. When you first mentioned Hal picked up some stuff from SZ I thought you meant a couple of jerseys and the like. About which: did he get any hockey stuff?

Sunflowers. They grow a LOT of 'em up in NoDak, and the flowers track the sun. It's semi-amazing to see acres and acres of the things... with their heads all pointed east in the morning and west in the afternoon. I always marveled at that.

Cookie..... said...

Had some great leather chairs & couches years back. Loved em....wife hated em. No more leather chairs & couches... :-(

Gotta say it again Patrick, everytime I look at your opening photo...I think of Mark Twain (Samuel Clemmons) distinguished looking old Sky-Cop you....