Thursday, August 14, 2008

Grand Lake Bar Stool Open 2008-Photos

The 8th Annual Grand Lake St. Marys "Bar Stool Open"

August 9, 2008!

Quick day today...Patricia and I went down to Fairborn to see Hal and his new digs/apartment, then out to lunch at Chili's....quick trip back, then the first, for me, football scrimmage...a double header with Celina vs Greenville on the 7th and 8th grade level.

More on that tomorrow....Tonight I wanted to post a few photos from last weekend's 8th Annual Bar Stool Open on Grand Lake.......

Here we go......The 2 teams..Duck Aguana and Duck Duck(something or other)....and the starting point...the Famous Duck Foot(Arnolds) Landing...been on the lake since WW2.
"Duck Guwana" or what ever the Hell Nick named us: Captain Nick and me, Truckin' Joey and Nick, and our best golfer(at least for the first 5 holes), TB, or "Corona Carol"....and then a couple

of photos from upstairs at our half-way point...Carta Villa on the West Bank........Heading for It's It's Landing on the south side of Grand Lake. Nick arguing with the cook at It's it, and "Mr Clown" Hole at Sunny Side, my, and the teams 1st Hole-in-One...the highlight of an otherwise pretty bad golf outing....miniture golf that is!

The winning team out of 185 or so foursomes fired a 111 on the 12 holes, we ended up somewhere in the middle with a 135...What the Hell? We survived!


Buck said...

Looks like every "golf outing" I've ever been in/on... lotsa beer, and a lil bit o' golf. ;-)

And that's a Good Thing!

Mushy said...

Great shots and a good time captured for future posterity!

Good to talk to you on the phone the other day...we'll have to meet one day and drink that beer!

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

So what did you shoot.??

pat houseworth said...

Mushy: Good talking to you and FHB.....keep the beer cold, and the smokes at ready.

Buck:....I paced myself, which is good....but the more beer the better my stoke got.. ;)

Old Soldier...12 holes I shot a 35 pretty damn average, considering the holes...I shot a 29 the first year, getting worse as I, min golf is a kick, especially with some taking it serious!

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