Friday, August 29, 2008

The Nutter Center/Sarah Palin

I said yesterday I would steer away from politics in my next post....I lied! With Harry Hussain being crowned the Greek God last night in Denver, it appears Juan McCain is about to take the wind from his sails(see hot Marxist air bag).

Several months ago, my wife and family sat in the Nutter Center at Wright State University near Dayton, to watch our youngest son graduate from WSU. This morning, as I type this, McCain is about to name Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate....McCain just got my vote!

Sarah Palin is the first term Governor of Alaska, a solid pro-life conservative, pro drilling in Alaska for oil, mother of 5, one of who has down syndrome, while the oldest heads for Iraq next month, wife of a Oil worker(not Oil Big Shot), she is also a hunter, and a strong pro 2nd amendment advocate.....and as I mentioned yesterday, he needed to pick someone younger and more conservative....McCain did, and just got my vote.

The Nutter Center at Wright State University....where my wife has 2 of her 3 degrees, where Hal is working on his Masters, after getting his BA there last spring. Wright State was also my first stop in college, as it was older son Sam's.

The bottom line...I'm still no fan of McCain, but from what I read and have seen of Sarah Palin, I like me she is a former Sportscaster, fisherman, has a child with mental retardation, not to mention all the other qualities...she's a former Hockey Player, Pro Life, and wants to drill in Alaska. She was the point guard on her high school's state championship team, and she won in Alaska by going after the corrupt Governor, also a Republican....unless she has some skeleton's in the closet, I'm now in the McCain/Palin camp. Barry Soetoro(Barack Hussain Obama) be dammed! I am sure Obama/Biden and their henchman will be digging up the dirt at a frantic pace...the ball is in their court.

Let the 2 month journey begin

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photos-Sarah Palin Gov of Alaska/VP Candidate and the Nutter Center at Wright State in Dayton(Fariborn) as it looked last June when I took this shot at youngest son, Hal's, Graduation from WSU.


Sarge Charlie said...

John McCain just hit a grand slam, I think he will win with her on the ticket, damn, I hope so.

Buck said...

One thing about women politicos... I've NEVER seen one involved in any sort of sex scandal. And, given Palin's record of cleaning up Alaska state gub'mint, I seriously doubt the Dems will find anything to taint her. Unless it's the fact she played hockey... ;-)

Mushy said...

I'm am so happy and at so much peace tonight over this announcement.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

This is the best thing that could happen to the U.S.A obama yo mama osamma, dosent know weither to sh@@ or go blind. Can't wait for the debates to start, I think she can kick some ass.

Anonymous said...

palin your a freak and need to be shot with your own ball of shit !!!!!!!! You nutcase fuckup

PRH....... said...

Going through some old posts...and I note the vast knowledge of the English word and class of Mr/Ms Anon when describing their thoughts.

Is there any wonder why a Sock Puppet like Barry Barack Obama is their leader?