Sunday, August 24, 2008

Politics and Religion

Politics and Religion

are 2 things we are always advised to stay away from when in conversation. I mention the former on occasion on this blog, the latter seldom. Least there be any doubt, I'm a pretty far to the right/independent person of the Christian, but not the "turn the other cheek" religion. So on the few times I bring up religion or the few more I bring up politics, let their be no doubt where I stand....I make no apology for either...If I piss someone off because of one or both, whether friend or foe, that's just the way it is. Just so there is no doubt....I stopped backing down in this life many years ago, and I sure the Hell won't go back to those days again.

Enough of that clearing of the air.

The boat races, The Governors Cup Regatta, continues on Grand Lake, despite the hot and very humid late August weather....we had a brief 25 minute hard shower Friday afternoon, but not a drop since. The games both Friday night and yesterday morning were hot, and humid affairs. The Celina luck against Lima Senior, all bad, continued for the 4th straight year...Lima wins 14-10 thanks to a 86 yard punt return and Celina running out of gas, failing to score from the LS 8 yard line, with a first and goal and under a minute to play....I officiated the Freshman game between the same 2 teams on Saturday morning, Lima jumped out to a 20-0 lead and hold on despite 2 late Celina touchdowns for a 20-16 win. Tomorrow I'm at Crestview for a Freshman game, Sam is at Spencerville for the same level..

We attended the wedding of 2 of Hal's friends yesterday, he was one of the usher's and after they closed down the reception, and the downtown bars, we awoke to find Hal and 4 of his friends, sleeping on the hardwood floors downstairs this morning. They finally got up around noon....they had rolled in about 3AM....Hal sans his car, apartment, and house keys(stolen from his unlocked car at the church parking lot), returns to Fairborn tonight....leaving your keys in the console of a unlocked car these days, even in a town like Celina....not something you want to do. I'm amazed the car wasn't stolen and taken for a joy ride....he has another set of car keys, but will need to make major replacements, of the and learn!

Patricia and I made a short stay at the reception, but left early, and let the younger set have their fun.....getting old sucks, don't let anybody tell you different.

That's the weekend in a nutshell.....

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Buck said...

...getting old sucks, don't let anybody tell you different.

Yep. "Golden Years," my ass. ;-)

But...OTOH... I wouldn't want to be all that young again, as in really young. I wouldn't mind re-visiting Age 30, though. THE best year of my life, that!

pat houseworth said...

Agree Buck...somewhere around 28-35 seems about right....of course I would also want to get in the time machine, and go back to 75 and know what I know now.

That would be the Cat's Meow! ;)