Friday, September 26, 2008

Black Friday or Writing Checks Our Ass Can't Cover?

Friday, September 26, 2008.

Will this go down with the Black Thursday and Black Friday on October 24, 25, 1929? If you look at these headlines:

Even when the Market dumped, the headlines held out hope....if you know your history, that hope stuck around until December 1931, when the Markets finally dumped big time. When FDR took office in 1933, the full fledged Great Depression was on.

Of course VP Candidate, Joe Biden, The Delaware Dimwit, thinks FDR was in office on Black Friday 1929, and went on TV to calm the nation....nice guess Joe, one President and 4 years off, and and by-the-way, folks were not exactly with TV back in 1929...or even 1933 for that matter:

Good Ol' Joe, as Bugs Bunny would say..."What a Ma-roon"


Politics be damn, the Presidential Debates be damned...was anybody really going to watch a Debate at 9PM EDT on a Friday night, during the best weather month of the year anyway? I doubt it. Football, and eating out with the family are on most peoples agenda. Now they may have a new agenda, like..."Do we pull our money out of the bank"?

Wall Street will be an interesting watch today, and how and if Government works will even more fun this weekend.
Will the US economy go into the tank? Probably. I guess the real question should far and how fast will it fall? Believe me, I have posted stuff predicting this for the past year....I was hopeful that I would be wrong...and I still may be, but at this point, things are not looking good.

Stay Tuned!

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photos-Top~A Cecropia Silk Moth, taken in my back yard on a summer night back in 2002. Headlines and photos from October 1929/Wall Street Crashes. And Crazy Joe Biden...the man who would be VP{let's hope not}


Sarge Charlie said...

YO Snoopey, black friday, this may be that day.

Buck said...

The market is up nearly 200 points as I write, and should be closed by now (1510 hrs EDT)... which brings it back to about 400 points below where it was at the end of last week.

This coming Monday may well be an interesting day.

pat houseworth said...

Yep, they are treading water Buck. This "deal" in whatever shape it comes out, is not going to be good for the taxpayers...when given a handout, these guys just can't help themselves.

The next weeks, and months(maybe years), will be interesting, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Kick Ass Blog. Looks great. Enjoy a stoagy for me!! Maj Pain

Anonymous said...

This has not been a week anybody will look back on with pleasure. I'm not really that sanguine that anything the stuffed shirts in will fix what's wrong. Sometimes things get so badly broken they can't be fixed by making noise or throwing money. This looks like one of those times to me.

Robocop said...

Though alarming, your post is right on the money. Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Man, we live in strange times. I'm sitting here watching the market fluctuate wildly. Mostly down, up a bit ,down further. Not a good day.