Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day, Gustav, and other Ramblings

Up at 5AM, Anissa is an early riser, usually Patricia gets up with her, but this being a off day for school, I crawled out of bed, to keep an eye on Anissa, and get updates on Hurricane "Gus". Gustav is about 1 hour south of the Gulf shore as I type, and looking to hit just west of New Orleans.....the surge and heavy rain appears to be the main danger, but 115 MPH winds will cause damage as well...remember, with "Katrina" the surge and main damage to NO came later, the wind damage was worse in appears this will be farther west and may save the Mississippi River Delta region...stay tuned.

With the danger to the Gulf Coast, the Republicans are playing "Politically Correct" and suspending programs at the RNC in the Twin Cities....why would you play PC for a group of folks(the majority of New Orleans residents) that aren't going to vote for you anyway? My guess is, most don't vote period...they are playing to the main stream media, another group who is going to give them Hell why bother?

Speaking of Politics and Religion, I see where America's bloated pig, Michael Moore, says God must be a Democrat...because of the timing of Gustav...meanwhile MSNBC hag, Andrea Mitchell, who has had more face lifts than Joan Rivers, says the only women who would support Sarah Palin's nomination, are the uneducated...guess my wife, with 3 degrees, and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Wright State University, must be "uneducated".....Liberals are, without a doubt, the dumbest sonsofbitches on the planet......

Today is Labor Day....once an important holiday for working Americans, now just an excuse for government workers to get an extended final fling at summer....I sure used it that way back in my government working days. Anyway, I plan on getting a morning walk in, before the temps, in this final fling of summer, hit 90+.

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photo-the first morning light comes up over the cloudless skies of Celina.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to get edgy about Hanna. The last track prognosis this morning had us flat out bore sighted here in North Georgia. After the stress of the long drought and then the rain from Fay soaking in really deep, if we get heavy winds here it will be raining trees.

Buck said...

I sure used it that way back in my government working days.

It's worse these days. The AF seemingly turns every three-day weekend into a four-day weekend nowadays. They give the troops Friday off as a "family" day, or a wing stand-down day, or some other lame-ass excuse. It most definitely ain't "Your father's Air Force" these days. I know... I'm a ranting, disgruntled ol' man.

Enjoy your Labor Day, Pat. Beer and cigars on the agenda, here.

pat houseworth said...

I plan on putting the fire to a good one myself Buck.....and a beer or 3 as well.

Shrinky said...

Oh Pat, I sure don't envy you your climate my friend.. hope it all passes without too much havoc wreaked. I'll be thinking of you.