Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Living In Fly-Over Country

September has arrived, dry and hot, but no so humid in western Ohio. The folks in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast have been hit by "Gustav", but not nearly with the force of "Katrina" in 2005, and with better preparedness, both by the various Governments and the people themselves. And the poor liberals and Democrats, keeping their fingers crossed and praying to whatever God they pray to(certainly not the same one as most of us) that "Gustav" would do major death and destruction, and disrupt the GOP Convention as a sidebar, so they could "Blame Bush"...Sorry about your luck lefties, looks like you'll have to continue to make up dirt on Sarah Palin, because the polls show your man Barry Soetoro Obama and his "Greek God Convention" bounce from Denver is gone.

Never have I seen a more vile hateful people than liberals, especially those in blogsville and the main street media...not that I mind, just gives me more reason to fire away...you have to wonder why these clowns are so bitter? Watching them spew their hate for the next 2 months will be a sight to see.

Living here in fly-over country has many benefits, not least among them is the fact you don't have to live near the major media outlets, and the stench from most large cities. You can sit in your back yard, snap a photo, watch the birds and squirrels eat in your back yard, while sitting in your pajamas, and not give a rat's behind what people think of you. In reflection of my past few posts, I just want to confirm that fact: It's nice to be thought of well by folks, but it's not necessary....I've went through life pissing more than a few people off with my observations, whether they be political, social, or religious. I looked in the mirror this morning, and says to myself..."Your not gonna change, are you"?
Approaching 60, (next March) I figure it's not my in my makeup to make major changes....You can't please everybody, unless you shut your mouth and nod your head in agreement with all of them. That won't happen, at least not in this life time, so press on I will.

Those that don't like what I have to say, can stop reading the e-mails and blog posts if they choose, after all, life moves too fast to stand by and watch, and I will not do that.

The final fling of Summer weekend went without a hitch, it was just me, Patricia, and Anissa. Sam was off to Kentucky doing whatever, and Hal stayed in Dayton this past week, settling in at student teaching...he begins his final classes this week(?) at Wright State, and if all goes well he will have his Masters come next spring....his college days will be done, and he'll hopefully be on his own(although he has been for much of the past 3 years in Dayton).

With September comes fall, and this is my favorite weather time....September and October in Ohio are usually, but not always, the best months in my opinion...I plan on making a genealogy run to the towns of Waldo, and Millwood, when the season changes....photo taking is on the agenda. Waldo, Ohio, is where much of the Houseworth family is buried, and the tiny hamlet of Millwood, a unincorported spot on the map near Mount Vernon, is where my GGG-Grandfather set up his log cabin back in 1825.

Football, a 8th grade game here in Celina this afternoon is on my agenda.....have a great week.

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Photos-Sitting on my back steps having my first 2 cups of coffee this morning, I caught the top two.....the back yard fence and flower garden, getting in the fall mode from lack of rain(very little in the past 6 weeks) and the changing season. The morning sun trying to pop up through the high top clouds...and yesterday I snapped a few shots of the Monarch on our Sunflowers....never could get him to open his wings when I was snapping the shutter however.


Buck said...

The Monarch on the sunflower pic is just brilliant, Pat!

Anonymous said...

I concur with your feelings about liberals.