Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike Blows Through Ohio

Some 36 hours after making shore at Galveston, Texas, on the Gulf Coast....Hurricane "Ike" made it's presents felt right here in western Ohio.

Oldest son Sam and I had a Rec Department Junior Football game in Celina...we finished up at 3PM, just as the wind picked up into the 50 and 60 MPH range....corn knocked down, limbs blow out of trees, and power out to more than 800,000 thousand in southwest Ohio in west central Ohio, some power out, but all-in-all we survived without major damage. Talking to my youngest son Hal, in Fairborn(Home of Wright-Patterson AFB), where he is student teaching and doing Grad Studies at Wright State, his power went out around 3pm yesterday, and is still out this morning....Fairborn High School was delayed 2 hours, most of the Dayton area schools were closed.

Now don't get me wrong....we received nothing compared to Texas and the western Gulf Coast area.....but we did get a blow.


The sun is back out and cooler, sunny, weather will stick around for the remainder of the week. The rain we got from "Ike" was minimal in our area, most of the heavy rain stayed west in Indiana and Illinois, or ran north into Michigan.

Bad weekend for Ohio football...Ohio State proves the experts right...the Buckeyes were not ready for USC....they were defeated in prime time 35-3 by the Trojans and were lacking in every part of the game...back to the drawing board. Meanwhile Michigan continues to fall into the pits of Big Ten Football, Lil' Richey's team got their asses kicked at Notre Dame, by a pretty weak team...and ouch! Charlie Weiss(ND Coach) gets taken out on the sidelines and his knee is blown out. The Bengals and Browns continue to stink up the NFL....although why anybody would care about the over-hyped professional league is beyond me.

Freshman football at Celina tonight.....and a full slate of under varsity and Recreation games this week.

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Photos-The wind and trees blowing through my back yard from "Ike"


The Hermit said...

We just got some wind from Ike in North Georgia. No rain.

pat houseworth said...

About like us Hermit, plenty of wind, a little rain, but most of the wet stuff stayed north and west...we could have used more.

BRUNO said...

The Public Safety Complex in Jackson, MO which is about two miles east of me, "as the crow flies", recorded a "long-gust" of about 2 minutes, at 64-mph. And yeah, we paid for it the same way you did, although ironically THIS time, the RURAL electric lines fared the best! Only lost service for about an hour!

Probably because there weren't any trees much left following our previous winter ice?

Buck said...

...although why anybody would care about the over-hyped professional league is beyond me.

Truer words, never spoken. I never watch football on Sunday, period. I can see bling, baggy-assed pants, do-rags, and bad attitude at Wal-Mart any day of the week.

I'm thinking Rodriguez ain't long for A2 if he doesn't pick it up, and quick. The Alumni don't like this sort of stuff. ;-)

But it WAS good to watch ND kick the Hell out of 'em. Almost as good as that game in LA later that same evening. ;-)

pat houseworth said...

That USC game was excuses Buck...even the hometown heros, Boeckman and Ross Homan(starting Linebacker) are getting no love locally.

Speaking of fickle sports...the Brewers, tied for the Wild Card lead in the NL fire their manager today....go figure!

Jerry said...

Wasn't that the strangest storm? I kept hearing the wind and watching the corn stalks fly by my window. I'd check the weather map again; very little rain. I've never seen a hurricane travel that distance and keep all the wind intact.

Buck said...

That USC game was excuses Buck...

Way t'go, Pat. Nothing wrong... and everything right... about "Man-ing Up" when circumstances call for it.

That said... I had MORE than enough of that "Man Up!" shi'ite last year where ND was concerned. And I'm likely to get even more "opportunity" in that space this year, too. Just a feelin', ya know... ;-)