Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Final Look At Mersmans

About a year ago, they started the final dismantle of the old Mersman Table Factory across the street, and I documented the tear down earlier on this blog. For the most part the destruction is complete and the current owners, with the willing help of Celina City Officials, and looking for new opportunities. Those opportunities appear to be building "moderate income" housing or senior citizen housing. Code words for LOW RENT GOVERNMENT SUBSIDISED HOUSING.

Not a good thing for the area surrounding the Mersman property, but we will see how it goes down the road. While they have cleaned out the lot, they have piled up the brick, concrete, junk, etc, on the south side, where my house faces, claiming the concrete will go as "Rip-Rap" for the shores of Grand Lake....meanwhile the brick will stay in place for at least 2 years, where the kids heading for the city swimming pool can play in the debris. Good Move!(NOT).

Anyway, at this time, it does look better than before, when the 100 year old building sat growing with weeds, junk, and rats. We will see how I feel in a couple of years.
Not doing much except officiating football of late. Last night I did the Celina vs St. Marys JV game....Celina gaining a small amount of revenge winning 28-6. On Friday at St Marys in the varsity contest, St Marys won on a last minute fake Field Goal 25-20...their 10th straight win over Celina...the across the Lake series has been decidedly one sided of late.

Tonight I'm at Wayne Trace(near the old family home area) 35 miles north at Haviland...a Junior High game. Then off until Saturday.

Finally got some rain overnight, not much, but with as dry as it's been, every bit helps. The weather is beginning to feel like fall, and the leaves are now starting to change.

About it for today....will rack the brain(what's left of it) for something new later in the week.

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Photos-Mersman at it looked in November 2007, and as it looked this morning, the cleared acres, and the "pile" east and north of my view.


Anonymous said...

"Low income housing" is the kiss of death. Who wants to live next to "de hood."

Buck said...

...and the leaves are now starting to change.

Already? Wow... We still have another full month, if not more, before the leaves drop. Not much, if any, "color" in these parts. You go to bed one night and the leaves are there (on the trees). You wake up the next morning and they're all over the ground. I miss the northern latitudes in the Fall. But MOST certainly NOT in the winter! ;-)

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

But Pat, think of the opportunity for you to brush up on your ebonics and spanish, and all the other languages that could be moving into your hood. Nothing like living in the great melting pot. Anyhow I know your locked and loaded.