Friday, September 5, 2008

Let the Games(Political) Begin

Got home from Crestview last night and ended up watching a combination of NFL(not much), the US Tennis Open(a little more), College Football(the last 10 minutes), and the GOP Convention(McCain's Speech only). The Open Tennis was the most interesting, Andy Roddick losing in a close 4 setter to some Euro Yayhoo from some half assed broken off Russian Republic...good tennis none-the-less.

As for McCain's speech? Not as good as Sarah Palin' started out slow, but he finished with a good review of his record...a sharp contrast to Half Breed Barry, the "Community Organizer"....You all know what a community organizer is, don't you? He or she is somebody that gets a group or groups of hate filled left wing radicals together to piss and moan about their lot in life...then these radicals march, loot, and burn, until the government or business leaders, feel blackmailed enough to hand out money to their leaders(can you say Jesse Jackass?), while the so-called "victims" go back to living their miserable lives. Then Jesse, Al, Barack, or whomever, lives the good life on the corporation or taxpayers check book. So there you have Barry Soetoro's "experience" in politics. It will be interesting to see Bill O'Reilly's full interview next week(Monday through Wednesday nights) with Half Breed Barry....Billy O' tends to softball celebrity politicians when he gets them one-on-one.....we will see if he plays hardball with Obama(or whatever the Hell is real name is)?

So the race is on...8 weeks to the finish, and we will see where America and the world is headed. As I've said before, no fan of McCain am I...and I was leaning towards voting 3rd party or leaving the ballot for President __________!~But with the selection of Sarah Palin, I now lean towards the GOP ticket...and being from Ohio, my vote will actually count. Being of large population and a "Battleground State", the Buckeye state will, as usual, be up for grabs.

Now, it's time to turn away from the political BS....I've received quite a few e-mails and messages from vile liberals, who are so scared of the Alaska Governor, they are actually sending me Daily Kos and other far left wing talking points....those folks, friend or foe, can go straight to Hell...I've told them much the same....politics is a rotten game, the libs are playing hardball, the only way to destroy them, is play their game....and play it well.

This blog was never meant to be political, and I've gotten away from that the past few days.....hopefully back to "normal" this weekend and next week
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Sarge Charlie said...

they won my vote, but what is new about the, now I am excited about it.

Anonymous said...

Politics has a way of creeping into daily life. Especially this sort of thing, that will have a direct impact on all of us.

Americaneocon said...

I'm fired up with McCain-Palin!

They're ripping the lefties some new underwear, you know!!

Larry said...

I sure like the Sarahcuda too -- but, Oh, how I wish the election was NEXT Tuesday. The media are just wearing-me-out. I suspect 95 pct of Americans already know how they're gonna vote. Let's just do it!

pat houseworth said...

My thoughts exactly Larry...roll the dice...Obama we get "Snake Eyes".

If Obama/Biden get elected, look for Israel to take out as much of Iran's nuclear arsnel as possible....then the game will be on...Russia?

We are in for some exiciting times one way or the other.