Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where Were You 9/11/01?

I'm sure anyone over the age of 12 knows what they were doing(if not sleeping) when the twin towers came down. I was sitting at my desk at the Van Wert Health Department going over my daily list of inspections I felt like doing, when I glanced at my computer screen to see the front photo of the Yahoo Home Page with a burning, gaping hole, and a tail wing sticking out of one of the towers. The original reports were that a "small plane" had slammed into the tower...we knew within a few minutes, that it was much more than that.

Today, 7 years, almost to the minute later, we now know we were at war....we are still at war. Sad part is, folks in the MSM and the liberal blog world think they are at war with Sarah Palin, conservatives, and the GOP...they continue to give the main culprit..."ISLAM" a pass for the evil it is...make no mistake about it...Islam, no matter how you spell it, is evil. To those that compare conservative and fundamentalist Christians with Islam...I say you're nuts, there is no comparison to it's evil.

Time for reflections my friends....just what are you priorities, are they the same as on September 11, 2001? If they are, better wake up...big things are coming, and depending on how the election turns out, it may be sooner, rather than later. I've got my own opinions on what will happen if Obama is elected, if McCain is put in the White House, things are less clear.

Stay tuned...a McCain/Palin win things will change slow, if Barry OH wins, Israel will make a move on Iran before he steps in the White House....they can't afford to let him cut their legs out from under them.....make no mistake, he will attempt to do just that.


On a happier note, our early fall like weather continues, and it is perfect. No A/C needed, and we may even get a little rain yet this week....have not mowed in a month. No football tonight, back at it Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday....

Meanwhile my great part-time job in Greenville has ended, 20 months of easy money couldn't last. Was nothing I did, the company that ACP supplied decided to go in-house, saving some big bucks. Those Jap car plants know how to save a dime, that's why the continue to thrive, while the "Big 3" head towards oblivion.

Perhaps come November I will go back to driving RVs...if the situation get stable in that hurting industry...if not, I will grab on to something else. Forget about the doom and gloom in the job market...there are plenty of full and part time opportunities out there, for someone willing to work....I, of course, am not interested in anything other than a part time opportunity that keeps me busy a few hours a week, and into beer and cigar money.


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Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I know who the bad guys are, and I know why they are.

Sarge Charlie said...

I will never forget or forgive...

Buck said...

I'll repeat some of what I said on ASW's blog. Her husband was in The Pentagon on 9/11/2001... and her post is worth the read. What I left there, in part:

NONE of us will ever forget where we were or what we were doing on 9/11/2001. For some of us older folks it ranks right up there... and surpasses... the day JFK was assassinated.

I'll never forget coming up out of the Montgomery St. BART station in SFO, walking into Starbucks, standing in line, and hearing someone say "They've just flown a plane into the World Trade Center." It was early, early in the morning on the West Coast, and the three or four of us in line at that early hour just looked at the man... unbelieving.

I believed when I reached my place of business, the Site Operations Center for my company. I had my people put CNN on our large screen display just moments before the second aircraft went into the WTC... and then all Hell broke loose. To make a long story short, we implemented our disaster recovery plan, moved our contingency team to our back-up location, and three of us... our Ops VP, myself, and one other manager, were the only folks that remained in the building for the remainder of the day. My place of business was a high-rise in SFO's Financial District, and NO one knew if the attacks were part of a concerted effort, or isolated to the Pentagon and NYC. That day was one of the longest of my life, not because of any hectic activity, but simply for the shock and horror that unfolded, coupled with the enormity of the loss.

NEVER forget.