Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hurricane Ike's aftermath continues across southwest and central Ohio. While here in the west central part of the state the wind damage was minimal, basically tree limbs, some trees onto houses, and crops knocked down....we came out with power for the most part. The folks in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas, as well as some in northern Kentucky and west Pennsylvania were not so lucky.

I talked with youngest son Hal down in the Dayton/Fairborn area last night....he was cleaning out his frig, taking the meat downstairs and cooking it up on his neighbors grill...the college boys, Hal and his roommate "Woost", didn't have a backup plan and the stuff in the icebox was gonna go bad, so Hal gave most of it to his downstairs neighbors as a trade off, so he could cook up his T-Bone Steak which he wanted to eat....bottom line is, DP&L(Dayton Power and Light) says the residential areas might not have power until this weekend or even early next week. I talked with my friend Tom down in the Delaware, Ohio(north of Columbus), area, and they are in the same boat...no power yet. The out-of-power count in Ohio is upwards of 800,000 as I type.

So here we are in the lower midwest, over a thousand miles from where "Ike" made landfall on the Texas Gulf, and we have as many without power as they do....granted, not the damage, but in this day and age, it's still a pain in the ass for those affected.


Freshman football at Celina Stadium last night, with visiting Kenton coming away with a 26-6 win over the host Bulldogs. The weather was finally "football weather"....a cloud cover and temperatures in the mid 60s. Tonight I stay home doing a Recreation game between 2 of the 3 young Celina teams.

Health wise, my back is holding out{Knock on Wood} so far about 1/2 way through football season....it was about this time last year{first week of October actually} that my back went south and I ended up with the epidural the week before Christmas...hopefully this fall will be winter.


Anonymous said...

Jan had a lot of damage in her neighborhood, but fortunately her own house wasn't trashed. The storm has left a lot of people screwed in a lot of places. I tell you what, it seems like this is happening more often. A generator and a transfer switch would be a good investment for everybody I think. Mine has done great for me when I needed it.

pat houseworth said...

Yep, we've already decided that is our next big home purchase...the wife and I may buy one for Christmas....or with the next "Stimulas Check" ;)

Tom Simmons said...

Pat, enjoyed your blog. Just discovered it tonight, but I will be back.

Another Vietnam Vet cop (USA MP) Nha Trang, Ban Me Thuot 4/68-2/70.

pat houseworth said...

Thanks for stopping by Tom...A good friend of mine was also at Nha Trang(Camp Mac D) as a Army MP.....stop by again.

Shrinky said...

I remember power cuts as a kid (not because we didn't pay our bills, though there were times it came close). It was during the "Winter of discontent", there were national strikes up and down the country and the whole nation was put on a three-day working week to conserve power. We at least knew when the power cuts would be and could stock up and plan accordingly. Luckily, we had coal fires, so we managed to cook and keep warm enough, and the candle light almost made it romantic (but then I was only ten at the time). I can't imagine coping without power now, it must be pretty miserable for all those poor folk out there. Let's hope things are restored back again for them soon.

Larry said...

The Hermit's quite right. We had a 12kw Generac standby genset installed in 2004. Under the deck. Only check oil on occasion. Indeed, it just went through its weekly 12-minute "exercise" this morning. Transfer switch is in a secondary breaker box in basement. All automatic, Baby. Had a 4-hr outage about 5 months ago. No worry about sump or ejector pumps, fridge, Master suite. [10 circuits] 6kw would have sufficed, but this one was only $300 more. Homeless Despots now sells 6kw for $1,900, not incl install. Runs on NatGas, but can convert to LP. Cousin in Canton, OH was w/o juice from 6pm Sun to 6pm Wed also.