Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kill the Bail Out!

Not my words...but exactly my thoughts.

With the yard work looming, I am in a little hurry today, so will make this short and let one of my favorite Bloggers Michelle Malkin tell what's in store, and what is being added by the Democrats to our little $700 billion, er $1.2 trillion, wait $2 trillion dollar bailout. And the Euros want a GLOBAL SOLUTION! Lead by France no less. Give em' Hell MM:

Socialism 101 my ass....this is a full blown 400 level ass kicking of the American Taxpayer.

Of course liberals, being the narrow minded asshats they are, hate Malkin....of course moderates hate her as well, and some of those calling themselves conservatives, but are too Politically Correct to really be, kind of shy away as well....why? Because she calls it like she sees it...and I tend to agree with her views. Much like Sarah Palin, liberals hate women who dare to think for themselves, and don't follow the Hollywood and New York line.

My thoughts on the Bail Out:

If we don't pay, hard times will be coming you say? I've got news, this expensive band-aid will just delay the inevitable...and make the coming bust, that much harder on us all.

THE U.S. TREASURY=The Money Store(our rates of interest are outrageous)

Off to Wally World, for yard supplies and ammo!

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photos-Snow in Northern Utah? Nope, I took this shot driving in the Utah Salt Flats on I-80....and Michelle Malkin, hard talking honest Conservative commentator.


Buck said...

...hate Malkin....of course moderates hate her as well...

No hate here, but NO love, either. I have issues with people like Malkin and Coulter, strictly from a civility level. It's entirely possible to disagree with someone without insulting or demonizing them. But you wouldn't know that in some circles, eh?

Witness: Reagan and Tip O'Neil. There wasn't much, if anything, they agreed on, politically speaking. Yet they could have drinks together at the end of the day. I think things were a WHOLE helluva lot better then than now... and Reagan's nature made it so. {sigh} Some people just don't get it.

pat houseworth said...

Well Buck, you need to go no farther than the Daily Kos, and Huffington Post to know the real hate...Malkin is not close....Old Ann is, that's why she gets death threats...don't see to many conservatives making death threats to the loser left.

Anonymous said...

Pat, what kind of prices are you getting at Walmart for ammo? Ours is out of ammo right now.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Lock and load.

Anonymous said...


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