Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Socialism 101/Early Fall Yard Work

What to do....? Sit here and listen to Glenn Beck while doing the blog and reading others, or head outside and begin the mammoth yard work project(at least for me, its mammoth). Let's start with Beck's program this week concerning the economy and the pending "bail out".

First off, the $700 billion dollar government "rescue plan" in reality will cost more like $1.4 Trillion. Second, when the Government takes over, you can bet your sweet bottom, the results won't be good long term. We are quickly falling into a major recession, Hell let's call it what it's going to be...A Depression. There are those out there that disagree with me and my attitude regarding the economic crisis, but the long wolves are becoming a pack. The ending results will not be what we are hoping for.

1929_____ Yes, the world and markets and economies are different than they were back in those days....remember also, October 1929 is when the Stock Market began it's slide....a few rallies here and there, and then the bottom was reached in December 1931....the economy hit rock bottom in 1933, thus setting the stage for the New Deal, the FDR takeover of the Government with his socialist agenda. Sure the New Deal helped the "Common Man" out, but the Depression stayed with us throughout the 1930s...finally ending in the early 1940s, thanks to good ol' WWII.

2008______? It appears(at least according to news reports now coming out), that last Wednesday night, the Federal Government was close, real close, to going belly up in a financial sense. I am sure we will see our ups and downs in the coming weeks and months, regardless of who takes the November election and wins the White House. The question is: When, not if, will this house of cards fall? Take a look at our aging population, our increased spending, the value of the dollar, Social Security, entitlements, retirement funds, FDIC, etc, etc. I may be wrong, but don't take your that bet to Vegas.

Fannie Mae and Freddie and their corrupt CEOs were the catalyst for this mess with willing help from Team Obama and Team DNC...the Bush White House gets no pass either. The government let itself be blackmailed by the poverty pimps into giving mortgages to unqualified people looking to buy houses they couldn't afford. But even without that corruption, this disaster was in the making, those things just moved up the timeline.

OK, enough of this financial know nothing and my opinions on the future of the nation...on to some really important stuff.

The Back Yard_____

Now that Summer is done, and the fall weather cannot be far behind(so far it's been warm and dry however), I've looked at the house, the yard, and the surrounding foliage....I've come to the conclusion...It, like the American Economy, is a freaking mess!

Time to stir up my house paint, oil and fire up my chair saw(some of these projects are much to large for a simple trimmer)....and begin to do some cutting and painting. I've got evergreens that have gotten out of hand, a couple have to go(I hate killing off trees and plants, but it's been a long time coming). Ivy that needs culled and/or killed off. Shrubs trimmed, eliminated, and a driveway that is full of grass and weeds growing through the gravel....the weather looks warm, but less humid for at least another week, and this is as good as time as I can think of to get this started and done.

Did I mention, I hate yard work....but I like a decent looking yard, although I'm no yard snob.

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photos-At the Top...Dona Bay, Venice, Florida
The Market...Bust or Bust Lite?
At the Bottom: PRH and the Back Yard Jungle that awaits....


Shrinky said...

Oh Pat, everything you say about your house of cards applies over here too.. and the Prime Minister is having a hard time holding on to his office. For what it's worth, I doubt any PM could do any better or worse job under the circumstances, we're riding on the wave of a depression coming in, and it's a scary time all round.

On a personal level, as far as inflation and other factors are taken in, we expect a third less income to manage on than we had last year. and hubbys retirement plans in a couple of years looks set to be put on hold indefinitely until we see where our finances (or lack of them) finish up.

As for your yard, hell, it looks pretty neat compared to ours!

Hoot Gibson said...
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pat houseworth said...

Yep, It's a coming Shriky...but it's been a long time coming.

As far as the yard work? Heck, that will probably take until at least next fall....I'm not a gung ho one when it comes to hard core yard and paint work.

Anonymous said...

I like your yard. I don't mind working outside, although my wife does all the flowers and such.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Dude, you should see the jungle I've got to deal with. I walk away from it, expecting it to die, and the weeds just spread. It'd be easier to just torch the place and walk away.

And well said on the economy. I know very little about it, but it doesn't sound good. Maybe what we need is a good flushing, but I think the result would be a disaster. Whatever's left of out traditional values will go down the tubes.

Buck said...

Ahh... yard work. I gave it up and don't miss it. I enjoy watching other folks do it, though. Especially if I happen to be outside with a beer and a cigar while it's in progress.

I DO miss my vegetable garden. Yeah, I suppose that's a contradiction, but not really. You can't eat ivy and evergreens, among other things, LOL!

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

You want to see yard work, have a look at the pics I posted after Ike. But I am glad to be able to get out and do it and will enjoy cracking the whip on my kids as I supervise. Only way to work. Ha. Hell, I'll have to pay them most likely. Or, I could hire some of the mexicans that ICE have missed in my area.

Anonymous said...

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