Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 in Review/July-August

In the news this morning, I see Israel is continuing to kick the crap out of the ragheadz on the Gaza Strip....Go Israel! The Jews and Americans have been pandering to these murdering bastards long enough.....The PLO, Hamas, and their allies are like cockroaches, exterminate them(a little harsh? tough shit). Once "King Obama" is in charge, the Islamics know they have a friend in the White House, so Israel needs to take care of business, now, while the time is right.

Meanwhile things are pretty damn boring around the cold is finally getting close to the end, hopefully no relapse....3+ weeks of this is long enough. Sitting around, gaining the Holiday weight, and watching football hours at a time, is not something I enjoy doing....easy yes, enjoyable in the long term, no way. I am however looking to our trip to Indiana on Thursday for the boys food, beer, cigars, and football on TV outing....that's a bit different than gluing your butt to the recliner for hours on end.

OK, off we go on my trip back in 2008....

July-August 2008

Summer, while not my favorite season weather wise, is my favorite season for activity. Baseball continued in July, mostly with ACME Tournaments and American Legion Districts....Sam and I both got gigs in the District Tournaments of ACME and American Legion...and I did some of the State Junior ACME games as well....always good to do the better more competitive games on occasion. Baseball lasted through July 31st and then thoughts turned to Football in August.

The Bush Stimulus Checks finally arrived in July...being down the list number wise, we had to wait for a check I was not in favor of....and I don't want the next one that King Obama has promised...but if he hands it out, we will sure the Hell spend it on July we took ours and purchased a new stove and new chest type freezer. The stove Patricia needed, hers was getting old, the freezer we put in the basement...we long ago decided food was a must in case the recession becomes a depression....we have a freezer full of meat, and a large stock of can goods and non perishables in the basement.

Meanwhile in the Good Ol' Summertime, I always drink more beer than I should, and I smoke 90% of my years supply of good cigars, during the 3 or 4 months of warm and hot weather....why? Because I can smoke em' smoking in the house, and I wouldn't want to. I probably partake in 50 quality hand rolled cigars per year...and 40 or more are in the months May through September.

The end of July always brings the Celina Lake Festival....I don't head up town often, but did take in the car show and watched the fireworks from the upstairs.....the old days(1970s) I would spend the entire 3 days uptown, sitting in the Red Door, in our celebration of Summer on Grand Lake.


The final full month of summer saw one of my blog buddies Jeff aka The Fat Hairy Bastard and his partner Denise visit Ohio...I met up with them one afternoon for a couple of beers and lunch down in Dayton...always great to meet someone you "visit" with but have never met in person....they were just like they are in the blog world...great people. With Baseball ended for another season, I set my sights on my 4th year doing football...I had a full schedule which started in mid-August with scrimmages, and looked forward to a full year(unlike last season) of a pain free least I was keeping my fingers crossed. Mid August was time for the Bar Stool Open around Grand Lake....4 on a team, 8 on a boat, you drink and mini putt your way around the Lake...our team led by Nick sucked, but we stayed somewhat sober, and finished without sinking the boat, and made it to his house where Patricia drove over and picked me up....still smart enough never to drink and drive these days

The end of August John McCain came to Dayton and introduced his Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin to the GOP....McCain did this at the Nutter Center on Wright State University, where but 10 weeks before we had watched our youngest, Hal, march on his graduation from WSU. For my money Palin was the only bright spot during a dismal Presidential year....between Obama, Hair Plug Biden, McCain, and Sarah, she was the only one worth a damn...felt so then, still do today.

Tomorrow--Fall Beckons/September-October 2008

back later

photos-Top Captain Nick and me halfway through the Bar Stool Open 2008-then the 3 things we used our "Stimulus" Check for....Stove, Freezer, and to re-stock the basement Armageddon Shelves-Some of the summer cigars I purchased, Lake Festival Fireworks and my friend "Whitey" Klosterman and his Classic Buicks at the Lake Fest Car Show. Sarah Palin, the only good thing to come out of politics 2008, and some of the boats lined up at Carta Villa on Grand Lake during the "Bar Stool Open", also me, the Fat Hairy One, and his Denise at Dayton...and one of our backyard Sunflowers that bloomed late this past summer.


Deborah Wilson said...

A good investment on the stove and freezer. Food stock - I've been reading that people need to stock up on enough food to last at least 3 years - 1 meal per day for each family member - and medications too - like antibiotic cremes (Neosporin) - Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, Aspirin, etc... Just keep an eye on the expiration dates on food and medicines and use, replace, and rotate as necessary. Mulit-vitamins should also be stocked - away from food stock - in case you are robbed or jacked.
It is for this reason that some sites are recommending keeping food stocks away from the house if possible.

This may sound silly to some folks but really it's not. Because most people no longer farm or grow their own food and have for decades relied on gov to transport and distribute food to the local grocery, hunger could become a real problem in case of a depression and or gas/shortage. The people who live in the inner-cities are at greatest risk.

And the worst case scenario would be a civil uprising or all out war. I hate to say it, but food supply is one way govs/military control the masses.


OMG-I'm sounding so scary these days.

Pat Houseworth said...

Deb: All the extras, including vitamins, is taken care of...and we are expanding our gardens, sharing and helping tend, with 2 other out of town friends, this coming spring/summer/fall. After many years of not canning, we purchased a new supply of canning goods/jars/lids/cooker for Christmas....this is gonna be serious.

Make sure your guns and ammo are in tip/top shape as well.

Anonymous said...

2008 wasn't such a hot year for me in a lot of ways. I have my doubts that 2009 is going to be any better.

Donald Douglas said...

"Meanwhile in the Good Ol' Summertime, I always drink more beer than I should..."

Me too, Pat!

Go Israel!

BRUNO said...

Hey now, the last TWO days here have been pretty good "cigar-burners"!

At least til the NEXT ice "event", as NOAA likes to call it, possibly next week?

And, BTW---where's those retainer-strips I told you to put on those shelves, just in case you develop an "event" of "the shakes"?

Yeah-h-h-h---YOUR ass'il be in it too, when the damned BOTTOM falls out of the New Madrid quake-zone down here!

And, judging by your group of posters, maybe WE ain't the only ones who like to be paranoid!

I like to refer to it as, "Being Prepared For The Just In Case" syndrome...!!!

Deborah Wilson said...

Today, a neighbor ask me why it was important to stock up on vitamins, so I wanted to post this:

Why vitamins are important:

Because they will provide nutrients that your body needs that the one-meal-a-day may be lacking, especially if you don't have a fresh supply of green vegetables and fruits.

Lack of nutrients/vitamins causes the body to weaken - a weakened body/immune system increases the chance of disease and/or infection.

During the War Between the States the 3 greatest fears were gangrene, pneumonia, and scurvy.

Scurvy not only causes the gums to bleed and teeth/hair to fall out but in severe cases the hands and feet turn black and shrivel.

Through the centuries, sailors of old were very familiar with scurvy...months upon the high seas without fresh vegetables and fruits....simply killed them.

Pat Houseworth said...

Thanks Deb....I know since I started taking regular multi vitimans, Vit C, and a small dose of aspirian about 10 years ago on a daily basis, I have had maybe 5 colds(the worst is happens this year, which I am just getting over, as luck would have it), and nary a bout with the flu, even though I don't get flu shots.

Luck? Maybe, but I'm not taking chances.