Thursday, December 18, 2008

More December Milestones

On the blog a couple of days ago, I mentioned how many births, deaths, and anniversaries, had occurred in the month of December in the Houseworth family. This week, brother Mike turned 62 on 12/15, yesterday was oldest son Sam's 27th birthday, and today is Patricia and my 32nd wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to my wife and a big thanks for putting up with my sorry butt for all these years. As luck would have it Patricia has today off...but only because St. Henry and many area schools are still shut down from Tuesday evenings "ice event"....tonight, more ice is on the way, in the form of freezing rain, which is supposed to hit sometime after midnight....if the track is correct, Sam and I may get our basketball games in at Waynesfield, before the ice does another job on the roads....the only good news is, tomorrow 40 for a high with rain, this should take care of the ice problems. However, teens for highs next week as we approach Christmas.

I mentioned in my Monday post concering December first cousin Gary Houseworth was born in December, Gary's birthday was 12/22/1946, exactly one week after brother Mikes. His older sister Linda was born in December as well, just after Pearl Harbor, on December 30, 1941.

Little did I know while writing the post a voice mail was on my phone from Linda in Missouri....I had a boat load of messages and finally got around to checking those, and about half way through was Linda's voice....bad news. Gary had passed away from a massive heart attack last Thursday, 11 days short of his 62nd birthday. I had last seen and talked with Gary a couple of summers ago at his Garage in Venice, Florida. Gary and his parents, my Uncle John and his wife Marvel, had moved to Venice in 1959, some 5 years or so after we had moved there....Gary, was a car hound...fixing, building, and rebuilding race and other "Pony" cars out of his mechanical business near the waterway on East Venice Avenue. Gary was always quick with a story and a line.....we lived together for awhile after my Air Force days, before he headed back to Venice, where he remarried. Gary Houseworth Senior is survived by his second wife, 3 children, and 2 grandkids. God rest your soul lived the good life.

The immediate Houseworth family is growing thin...Linda, my Uncle Housie's Kids, Melony and Forest Houseworth, Jr. and Mike, Marty, Kelly, and me. Time moves on, and lives are created and pass away.
Speaking of Houseworths......
A special "Thumbs Up" to both of our sons, Sam and Hal....Sam coming away with a 3.9 out of 4 in his first year back, majoring in Actuarial Science(got me? Some kind of math that's out of my league) at Ohio State University, meanwhile Hal pulled in a 4.0 in his first quarter of Grad School at Wright State...he will finish up his High School History Masters this coming spring.

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Photos-(1)Patrica and I cutting the cake on December 18, 1976 at her parents house in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. (2) Sam sitting on his can(s) about 25 years ago at the farm on Coldwater Creek.(3) And me, cousin Gary, and brother Mike, along with dad's dog "Skip" in Grandma Houseworths' back yard in Scott, Ohio, in the summer of 1957.


Larry said...

A VERY Happy Anniversary to you and your bride, Pat. 25 yr for us next February.

Larry said...

A VERY Happy Anniversary to you and your bride, Pat. 25 yr for us next February.

Cookie..... said...

Hey Mate, I intentionally stopped over to wish you and your Mrs. a very happy anniversary, and I see you posted about it as well. I had recalled from one of your earlier posts that your anniversary is the same as ours, which I'm in the process of posting about as I write, my wife and myself wish that your day goes as well as ours has, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Buck said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to Patricia and you, Pat! MANY happy returns!

Deborah Wilson said...

A belated happy anniversary from me too - and wishing you many more.

Ron Simpson said...

Happy anniversay. Today is my 5th.