Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still Under the Weather

Sam and I headed to Waynesfield last night and did a double header Jr High was wet and in the upper 40s as we left for home, but this morning it was down to 30 with the wet cars and roads getting a thin layer of ice on them. Meanwhile(while not feeling as bad as this guy looks), my cold is hanging on...after getting a few items done this morning, I headed upstairs and back to bed....sleeping another 5 hours, until 2:15 this afternoon. No game tonight, but at Fort Loramie tomorrow, then Wapak on Saturday...hopefully back towards "normal" in a day or two.....will get more rest tonight and tomorrow early.

Meanwhile I will continue to make contacts for the upcoming 'Mini Reunion' at Wright-Patterson AFB late next month.

That's it for today....

back later>>>>>>>>>

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Mushy said...


I'll be down tomorrow...wisdom tooth!