Thursday, December 11, 2008

Global Warming????

I continue to fight the good battle against the personal cold that is. Probably as bad as I've had in 10 years. This morning however, I did get out of bed by 8:30 and will write a quick blog and head to the shower.....I have to say however, I'm still not up to spending much time on the computer going through my usual blogs and comments....hopefully I will be "normal" by the weekend.

Basketball tonight, I should be able to get up and down the Jr High court....easier than trying to find a replacement at this late hour...Sam meanwhile finishes up his finals at OSU-Lima today, and has a double header at Delphos St. Johns Middle School this afternoon.

Our December has been cooler than normal, must be the coming ice age....?

Being involved in Environmental Health work for over 20 years, I never bought into the man-made Global Warming bullshit being pandered by the media and so called, in my mind, was always about Socialist/Left Wing politics and control. A way for the far left to gain control over our daily lives by scare tactics. I will never be able to convince the fear mongering leftists and so called science experts...and I don't try. The media likewise is beyond hope...they have an agenda, look no farther than this years Presidential Election That agenda is governmental control of all aspects of our daily lives....the Global Warming BS is just one of those control mechanisms.

So, why this small rant you ask? Well I talked with Old Solider, a fellow Air Force Sky Cop yesterday....he lives in Houston...

He told me he was driving home in the snow....first time in 12 years, first sticking snow in 44 years for Houston....IT MUST BE THAT DAMN GLOBAL WARMING!!!

Then this morning I look at the radar, surf the net, and they tell me A WHITE OUT IN NEW ORLEANS!!! Must be that damn Global Warming! 2008 is slated to be the coldest year of the new century, and we now have 8 consecutive years of lower than average temperatures.

Yet the media, Al Gore, the UN, and the loons on The Weather Channel, continue to yell "GLOBAL WARMING"....I will continue to yell "BS, Prove it".

OK, enough ranting for one day.....back to the shower and my cold meds....

back later>>>>>>>>>

photos-The New Orleans Radar showing the heavy snow at 9:30 this morning


Anonymous said...

We're supposed to get some of that snow tonight and tomorrow. I could do without it, myself.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Well the snow has all melted, skys are clear and sunny with temps in the 50's today. I blame this fluk of nature on Al Gore. Hope ya feeling better Pat.

Shrinky said...

I feel for you hon, we were already under the onslaught of a nasty bug before the cold virus decided to up and bite us on our bums. Had to collect poor old Sam from his class today, and he NEVER complains about being ill. Hpoe you feel better soon, sending healing hugs and a few germs along the net-line (oops, sorry). x

Mushy said...

How much you want to bet we don't get jack here!

Getting a tooth out this afternoon, so I couldn't play in it tomorrow anyway.

The Lonely Conservative said...

It's always cold where I live. Brrr! Hope you feel better, Pat.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Global warming is the greatest hoax pulled on mankind since Sidd Finch.