Monday, December 1, 2008

Ft. Wayne Gun Show Recap/Getting Old(er)

Left Celina about 9:30 yesterday morning for the Gun Show in Fort Wayne, where I was to meet up with Rick, and his youngest son Guy, at the Coliseum. The usual 1 hour drive took about an hour and a half on the way up thanks to our predicted rain and 38 degrees being 30 and slushy snow appears the state road crews in both Ohio and Indiana were not ready and US 30 between Van Wert and New Haven pretty well I decided to ride in the comfort of the Intrepid instead of the Jeep Wrangler...the drive was made with somewhat more caution. But I pulled into the snow covered parking lot just a couple of minutes before 11, which was our meeting time anyway, things were on schedule.

After getting our tickets($6 plus $4 for parking) we walked inside to a rather sparse crowd of gun/sporting aficionados. As we walked around talking to the various professional gun dealers and individuals who were non affiliated, the reason for the rather small crowd became obvious....everybody was there on Saturday, and pretty much were hot into the "Obama Firearms Sale". Folks were apparently having to get numbers to wait in line at the various booths to purchase the most wanted items....and quality ammo was almost nowhere to be found by noon yesterday. This is of course good news for the dealers, bad news for those wanting to purchase before "The Ebony Messiah" gets his hands around the Second Amendment. However our suspicions were confirmed...people are buying guns and weapons like hot cakes and ammo even more so. All are taking the possible Democrat Congress/Obama "Gun Grab" seriously. The next few months and those after Barry steps foot in the White House should be interesting....the folks buying don't plan on giving up their guns without a fight....which of course is good news for Freedom, bad news for mentally challenged Marxist loving libs.

The next Gun Show in Fort Wayne is on the weekend following New Years Day...January 3rd and 4th, Rick and I already have plans on being there early Saturday the 3rd....the supply and selection should be much better. The next one after that will be after the crowning of "Barry The First", and the country may(or may not) be much different by that time.

The one thing we did notice was the prices, especially for hand guns, were higher than at your average gun shop or even on line...of course the lack of hassle or government oversight makes paying a little extra well worth it. I did see a few hand guns that interested me, and well as on AR-15 with attachments that was priced at a pretty good value of $380 without tax. But we were looking, Guy and yours truly picked up a couple of pocket knives, Rick a larger knife(the prices near the end of the show on knives were not bad)....Rick, an old Army MP picked up some decals from his military days of long ago, and we purchased some exotic "jerky" of Elk, Alligator, Wild Bore, and Kangaroo...all pretty much tasted like your everyday stuff of beef. No guns or ammo this we got away on the cheap, and will give it a go next month.


One thing the weekend showed me was, getting old sucks! After 2 hours of running the basketball courts on Friday night at LCC, Saturday morning at Waynesfield-Goshen, and then more than 2 hours walking the showroom floor yesterday was my legs and joints need some work. I still feel them all too well this morning. Things should get better for December...most weeks I only have a couple of nights of January will be different, I have several weeks of doing 4 and 5 nights of hoops.....hopefully by that time, I will have become accustomed to the hard wood, and what it does to this soon-to-be 60 year old body.

Today I can rest up...I may lift some weights and do a half hour on the treadmill...but nothing else until the relatively easy on the body sport of Dartball tonight at the Church....we sit in 1st place in the south with a 8-4 record and after last years slow start because of my back issues, I have started out decent this season in limited action(due to basketball classes) and am hitting a team leading .481 in 27 at bats with 3 RBIs.

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photos-The snow covered parking lot at the Fort Wayne Coliseum...and a couple of photos of the "goods" on display and for sale at the show. Bottom, a model of the AR-15


Shrinky said...

Oh boy, doesn't it suck getting old? After all my hiking around Thurs and Fri, my calf muscles are on fire (and it Monday now, for goodness sakes..rolling eyes).


Mushy said...

Ah, the "gunshow ache"...that feeling you get when you finally get back to the car and sit down for the first time in 2 hours! Gettin' old is a bitch!

david mcmahon said...

Lock, stock and barrel!

Buck said...

Interesting pics, Pat. The last gun show I went to had large NO PHOTOGRAPHY! signs posted everywhere, with big mean lookin' dudes hanging around to enforce the rules. I kept my camera in my knapsack, LOL!

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Same way here in Houston. Gun shows sell out of ammo fast. Big crowds lots of buying. Folks really getting worried.

Pat Houseworth said...

Actually photos at Fort Wayne either...but I snapped anyway, nobody said a word....and I took a few.....kind of even surprised myself, that nobody in the security corps came up.

I expect the next show to really be a big hit sales wise....the ammo will "fly" off the shelf, and the guns will be at a premium.

BRUNO said...

Gettin' old, indeed! Your joints ache, and one of the first things you do in public is search out a good spot to piss!

Nice armory! Guess I'll stick with a shotgun---can't see much past 30 yards anymore, to begin with...!

Pat Houseworth said...

lol..Bruno, first thing I did when entering the building, was hit the can!

And even the damn Shotguns are getting out of hand, price wise.

Ron Simpson said...

I am looking for a Ruger Mini-14, but cannot afford them.
I have a 9mm Ruger pistol and a one shot .410.
I can afford a cheap 12 gauge though. that is next up.

BRUNO said...

Oh my God, tell me about it!(The PRICE, not the CAN!!!) It's un-freakin' believable!

I had my eye on a Remington 12-ga. "riot-special" a few months back, used, but almost "cherry", for around $325. I should've bought it then. The ones in that condition now are going for $475-and up!

Guess I'll just settle for my time-tested Winchester pump for THIS "revolution"! That, and my little 26-inch sawed-off single!

I've still got a couple rifles, too. A .243 with a pretty-little Bushnell scope.

And of course, my little .22 auto. Can't see the sights sometimes, but I guess I can beat the hell outta someone with it....!!!

Jerry said...

Glad I'm missing the snow...for a little while anyways.