Friday, December 12, 2008

Bush Says "Damn the Constitution, Full Socialism Ahead"

The Senate GOP did the right thing last night(IMO others may differ) and stopped the partial "bail out" of the auto industry...but here comes "W" to the UAW, Big 3, and Left Wingers rescue. It appears after promising "NO" to using the funds from the last $750 Billion dollar bail out for the auto industry....Bush will continue our slide to Marxism/Socialism by using some of those very funds to hand out/bail out the automakers. So much for our elected, by the stroke of a pen, the President can usurp Congress and the Constitution. Thanks W, you suck, and our former great republic is no more than a shell of its former self.

As someone who has voted for every Republican Presidential candidate(except 1976 when I voted for Gus Hall, a Commie, as a ruse) since 1972...George Bush 2 makes me want to puke. This Bozo should be cheered by the left, he is everything they could ever want in a President...except for the first days after 9/11 and his 2 Supreme Court Nominees, he is the prefect Democrat.

The Stock Market dropped early on the Bail Out failure...but now, like magic, it starts to creep higher, because W has passed out a carrot, in the form of $14 Billion from the previously untouchable $750 Billion....this is what we have become....A nation, like sparrows at a bird feeder, waiting for the days handout from Uncle Sam and his bag of goodies. As bad as George Bush is, I can't wait to see what Barry brings come January 21, 2009.


More Basketball tonight, again at Fort Loramie....enjoy the weekend, after a Jr High game at Wapakoneta tomorrow, I will try to kill off the final germs of my cold...wish me luck. Better yet, wish our country luck, we are going to need a lot of it.
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Anonymous said...

I voted for him twice, once because I was a true believer, and once because the alternative appeared to be so bad. But I wonder, now, if Kerry could have been any worse.

Mushy said...

It's good to be getting old...less time to suffer while I watch America crumble.

Just like Rome...we'll end up folding.

Pat Houseworth said...

It's gonna be ugly guys...2009 is going to be a bell weather year, I don't believe(hope I'm wrong) that we will even recognize the America we grew up in.

We are heading straight to Hell, without a hand basket.

Buck said...

It ain't nearly as bad as you think it is, Pat, but it sure as Hell could be, and quite soon if GM slides into bankruptcy. I prefer a $14 billion loan to the auto industry in lieu of that depression you keep saying is coming.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

His legacy will live on in our wallets. A hell of a way to be rememebered in history.

Cookie..... said...

Ya know mates, I've had the exact same sentiment many times over the past year or so as I watch our deterioration. Thoughts like Mushy's and Pat's, and the regrets of "The Hermit", but Goddammit, we were all warriors once, and we can be again. Damned if I'm gonna take our Nation's decline laying down. That's why I'm gonna use my blog every chance I get. I may be a voice in the wilderness, but one or two will hear it and we'll begin to muster the troops. It's just a differant kind of least fer now. Some of you guys fought during "Tet" and you were outnumbered then remember, but who repulsed it and came home. Nuff said frum Cookie today....

Pat Houseworth said...

You all make good points guys....but if we give up our independence to a Socialist State, what good are we?

The true story of the Great Depression was it didn't have to last as long as it did...the reason(you won't find in today's Revisionist History Books) it last as long was BECAUSE OF FDR and Government intervention....the New Deal was in the long run, a disaster.

We all have opinions and you guys fought for that right....but I'm mad as Hell...the UAW(and I have realitives on their pension payroll) is unwilling to give up a damn thing...I say let em' sink. Bush is just looking to out for his legacy...sorry W, that went south years ago.

As far as the coming Depression(if I am wrong, good, hope I am)'s gonna happen regardless if we keep bailing out, The State of California is next.

GUYK said...

Pat, I agree..the depression of the 1930s was still going on in 1941 and might have lasted longer if the country had not gone to war.

But conditions are different now..when WW Two started the country had to raise money to fight it..but that money was raised from the public..some via taxes but most via liberty bonds. It was patriotic then to work and save and support the defense effort.

Now the public as well as the government is heavily in debt and the only way to raise money is to borrow from foreigners or print more money..or both. And the heavy government debt is a lot of what started this crises to begin with..

Tom said...

I feel your pain Shipmate. It seems like we're turning into socialists and throwing money we aint got after bad.

I know. You fought for your Country, and every turn, its seems to continue its slide downward.

I don't know what to do about the car companies; anymore than I knew the right answer about the financial bailout.

And I have a hunch you guys don't know either.

All we can do is trust. Trust that those America elected will do what they think is right, bassed on what they know (and we might not know).


Mr. Grey Ghost said...

GWB ia hero to the Left? I don't know about that one. Bush's good deeds far outweigh his bad ones, give Obama about 2 years and we'll all be cherishing the days of Bush.

Pat Houseworth said...

Tom and Grey Ghost: I think we are all disapointed in the latest turns with Bush....I think he is as confused as we are when it comes to the car and bank bailouts. However, I believe we have to let them fail, rather that saddle our kids and their kids, and future generations with the massive debts that are going to be placed on them.

GG-I agree Obama is not the answer....whatever he does will only make our problems worse. At least if his actions equal his words.

Cookie and GUYK....the next few weeks before "The One" is anointed, are going to be interesting.....and not in a good way.

Donald Douglas said...

Always a good read over here. I've got a cold too. Better now than on Christmas...

Deborah Wilson said...


I think that our slide to socialism/Marxism is now at the point of no return. I was waiting on the electoral votes today - looks like they have sealed the deal.

The US Supreme Court refuses to hold any hearing on the issue of Obama's birth certificate - so far most cases have been dismissed.

So what happens if we later can prove that he isn't a natural born citizen?

This is what will happen - nothing.

I can't help but to feel like the people and the Constitution has just been spit upon and booted in the dirt. The Constitution, as our founding fathers structured, is no longer in effect. DC no longer cares what the people think or have to say - and how dare we question a candidate..

Many may disagree, but just watch - in time, the Constitution will be rewritten - or completely destroyed - in order to support the powers of a socialist/marxist/globalist government.