Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some Rain, A Cold, and a Reunion

Since I started working out and feeding myself vitamins, on a regular basis, at the ago of 50(back in 1999), I have seldom had colds or flu...this week looks to be the exception. No flu in a decade(without the annual flu shot) and maybe a handful of mild colds. That looked to be the case on Saturday when I started to come down with a mild sore throat....and all seemed better yesterday....until I officiated a Freshman boys game at Marion Local last night. Once I walked out into the damp 30 degree weather still sweating from the game, it went downhill.

I headed off to Mount Carmel for dartball. We lost 2 of 3 to the division leaders, I went 3 for 6, in 2 games with a couple of RBIs, and now sit at .476 batting average on the season. By the time I got home, I knew my cold was gonna be worse, and it is. So with games at Waynesfield tonight(with Sam) and at Fort Loramie Thursday, I will need to pace myself, take a change for after the games and head home to a hot shower. Did I mention, I HATE BEING SICK?

Not helping the situation is the fact it has been cold and snowy for the past week...but that all changed overnight. The temperatures have risen, and at 44 degrees with heavy rain(we are expecting 1 to 2 inches) things are nasty outside, and not good when fighting the bug. Then tomorrow, the bottom falls out of the thermometer, and back to December reality. Chicken Soup and a shot of Brandy each night is on the agenda.

Vietnam Security Police Mini-Reunion

Once each year our Vietnam Security Police Association(VSPA)


holds a big shindig somewhere near an open Air Force Base...this year it was in New Mexico, next year in Phoenix. With 1200 members many of us don't make all the reunions, some because of financial or health reasons, have not been to one. My last one was in Dayton, Ohio(Wright-Patterson AFB), in October 2002.

A few years ago(2006) a few of us from the Ohio and Kentucky area got together at the AF Museum at W-P for a BS session and lunch....this went over well with a small group of guys, so this winter we are going to see if we can get a larger group together at Dayton. Me and a couple of other guys have gotten the ball rolling. We will try to get as many as possible to meet in the dead of winter at the Air Force Museum for lunch, BS, and a photo shoot, around the Defender Air/Security Police statue.

This includes you Mushy, hopefully you can make the trip from Tennessee.


Seriously though we would like to get 40 or 50 guys(hopefully more) and their wives just for a tour and sit down lunch at Wright-Pat.....

Date is January 31, 2009 @ 11AM @ The AF Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton(Fairborn), Ohio.
You need not be a member of the VSPA...just being a former Sky Cop during the Vietnam War, is good enough for this informal get-together.

OK, back to nursing the cold....getting ready for basketball, and whatever the day may bring.

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photo-The Rain on Brandon Avenue, looking out an upstairs window...and the VSPA Logo.


Buck said...

I hear ya about being sick and it ain't no fun. I hope ya feel better soon, Pat.

Your informal get-together at WPAFB sounds like good fun. I haven't been to the AF Museum in over 20 years; SN1 tells me lotsa stuff has changed in that time, with new displays, some new facilities, yadda, yadda. I really gotta get up there some day. But NOT in the dead of winter, LOL!

Mushy said...

Well, it depends on the weather around that time, but I'll definitely will consider it.

Let me know what arrangements you make for a room and how long you plan on staying in the area, and we'll see if it works with momma's plans.

However, I'll probably come alone.

Law and Order Teacher said...

My email is



I'll let you know what's up. Thanks

The Hermit said...

Sounds like it would be a good time if enough folks can make the trip.