Thursday, December 4, 2008

Out of the Past(part 2)

Winter weather has settled in for the long spell, so much for global warming! 2008 will mark the 7th straight year of BELOW average temperatures, world wide....yet the world "thinkers" continue to petition governments for tax money and climate change legislation, so they can force their perverted Marxist agenda on the rest of us. They won't be satisfied until we are living in tents, crapping in hand dug holes, and eating roots and wild berries.

Yesterday I started to write a follow up to Tuesday's post about the collection of items from my grandmother's home...but the damn Blogger zapped it an hour into my writing....the good news is, I didn't "Tommy Hawk" the computer....I instead wrote a smaller piece. So today we will go back and make another attempt and what I was going to post we go!

My grandmother, Wilda Waldron Houseworth, was born in 1883 near Convoy, Ohio. She was to live most of her 91 years in Scott, Ohio, passing away in April of 1975. Grandma and her sisters and daughters did a lot of traveling in their days, and Wilda also lived with us several winters when we resided in Venice, Florida. As mentioned in the Tuesday post, Grandma and her daughters, Eva and Cecil, pretty much became pack rats when it came to hording food and other items, they especially like to buy 2 and use 1 of just about any item, and save the rest. I also found "stuff" hidden with other other items. Including a number of $5 dollar Silver Certificates in old Christmas Cards they had forget to send out to the grandkids....a dozen or so, Lady Liberty Silver Dollars, placed between doilies that grandma or one of the girls had made, and old Euro paper money that Uncle Hank(Eva's husband) had brought home from WW2. Also thousands of post cards with descriptions of trips they had made from the 1930s through the 1960s.

I also came across letters and post cards that dad had sent home during the war from his various stateside locations....thousands of sea shells that Wilda had collected during her winter stays in Florida. Included in the shell collection was a book called Shells that mom and dad had purchased at the Fort Myers Shell Factory for her for Christmas in 1955. Yep, the Book is the same one under the Christmas tree photo that I have today. Also a collection of Wilda's eye glasses and even the family's old Brownie Hawkeye Camera, that probably took hundreds of photos of trips and family and friends that I have in possession today.

Yep, some of the stuff means little to anybody but me, and I suspect it will be gone when I am....but it all is a great insight into the Houseworth family as they existed during the 20th Century.

A description of the items pictured is below....

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photos-Grandma's old Brownie Hawkeye Camera, from around 1950. Wilda Waldron Houseworth and family...TOP left to right Cecil (1901-1991) Stan (1917-1972) Eva (1910-1998) bottom John (1915-1990) Wilda (1883-1975) and Forest (1912-1966) taken in 1943. A business card from one of Wilda's trips, from the 1940s or 50s. The Shell Book as it looks today, and sitting under the Christmas tree(below chalkboard) in Venice, Florida, back on Christmas morning 1955. A collection of Silver Dollars from the late 1800s and paper currency from WW2 Europe, France, Germany, and Luxembourg, among others. And a pair of Grandma's glasses(one of a dozen or so I have) from sometime during the early 20th Century.


Mushy said...

I remember taking photos with one of those Brownies...if the film had been better, they would have been good fluff!

Pat Houseworth said...

Yep, I've still got some old rolls of film, some with photos taken and not developed...maybe someday I'll get someone to develope what is in them, and see what "treasures" if any are on the images.

Buck said...

A Brownie Hawkeye was my first camera, as well. The thing took pretty danged good pics, ALL of which are gone, alas. I've bemoaned that fact before in these pages... and it's arguably the biggest downside to living life as a modern-day itinerant worker, gypsy, whatever ya wanna call it.

Pat Houseworth said...

Buck, I've got a few segments of my life that are photoless as well...had em' and lost em'....that is why I guess I hang on to some of this stuff.

Sarge Charlie said...

We had one of those also. Some fine looking soldiers in that photo. Nice post Pat.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I use to have one of those, guess we all are showing our ages..Humm.. My mama still has one somewhere. I think I am going to go through her attic when I go over to Louisiana for XMAS.

BRUNO said...

My Dad had a "box" camera, although it wasn't a Brownie. I always waited for the drug store to develop the pics, and then "collected" the empty spools. Made GREAT "winches" for my toy trucks!!!

Man, if we still had to WIND the damned things---!!!

Nope! Not with MY fingers anymore....!!!