Friday, December 5, 2008

Jukebox Friday Morning/Drambuie Mixer

I am just sitting here watching the outdoor thermometer rise, or not. Chill factor was 5 above this morning, with an actual low of 10 or has risen to 19 and the top temp is headed for 24. This is a cold spell, even for December, and things don't look to get warmer for the next week or so, at least.

Yesterday the back yard was interesting...4 young squirrels were out and about inside the fence...the Hawk wasn't around, so they were having a great time. I let Reagan out once, and they scattered to the Maples that hang over the fence....after the Airedale came back in, one of the rodents decided to jump on the small tree outside the Kitchen picture window, and look in at the dog...this of course drove Reagan nuts, and she had to go back outside...all in all a pretty good show(either that or I have totally lost my idea of fun).

If you will look to the left border of the blog, you will see that I have upgraded my 100 favorites to 125 favorites. I dropped some songs that had broken links and added others. Playlist now allows you 200 tunes for each I will be adding more as time allows. I added some 1960 instrumentals like Hawaii 5-0 by the Ventures and Aker Bilks "Strangers on the Shore", also some more country music, even a few female artists, and some newer stuff from the 80s and early 90s...about the only music not touched is Rap, and if you like that garbage, you probably don't want to be tuning up your volume or reading this blog either.

All-in-all, Jukebox is a pretty good bargain, since it's FREE, and easy to cut and paste on your site....

Since I don't drink as much beer or smoke many cigars during the winter months, doesn't mean I don't like to think of warmer weather or cold weather drinks. So here are a couple of hints for a quick smoke outside or a drink to warm you up.

As far as a cold weather warm up drink...a glass or snifter of Brandy will do the trick, but I prefer a Drambuie on the Rocks A couple of fingers in a small small glass with ice is just right, but if you prefer, you can always mix up a "Rusty Nail"...a little stronger. Drambuie is pretty expensive as far a liquors go, so mixing keeps the bottle around is derived from Scotch, so if you prefer to save on costs, mix up a 1 oz. of Scotch and equal amount of Drambuie, shake, and you have a Rusty Nail...some folks prefer 1 1/2 oz of Scotch with 3/4 oz of the sweet stuff....but I like Drambuie more than Scotch... and I would just as soon grab a bottle of Drambuie and pour it onto ice straight and sip.

As far as cigars...since I don't smoke indoors{which means little cigar enjoyment in the winter} I will grab an occasional Robusto and take it outdoors. If the sun is shining, no wind, and at least 40 degrees, I can stand the 25 minutes it takes to roast one of the smaller Indian Tabacs, and still get back in before the fingers freeze.
That's it for today's winter hints...nothing going on tonight. Tomorrow a Noon Girls JV game at St. Henry, then boys games, Freshman contest at Marion Local Monday, and a Jr. High match-up at Waynesfield Tuesday. My regular season will have begun....add basketball to my officiating sports, we will see how it goes the next couple of months.

Enjoy the Weekend...........

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Sarge Charlie said...

have a great weekend Pat

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I have created a little hideaway in my garage complete with TV, fridge, heater and recliner. I like to spend time in their in the winter. Of course our winters are nothing like yours, but 35 or 40 is pretty cold for this old Texan. I do enjoy the ocassional stokie and with the heater on I can drink all the beer and or Old Charter 8 year old I want. No wife or kids come in their unless asked.

Mushy said...

I'm headin' out to see the fat boy! I'm takin' some scotch and cigars...maybe we'll have time for a Denny and Allen like moment or two on some balcony in Nashville.

You'll see that world changes on Sunday...'cause we'll work out all the issues Saturday night over smokes!

Pat Houseworth said...

Sarge, have a good one away from the boat rides and pirates.

GOS-Sounds like a good place, I've got a big enough garage, therein lies the problem...too damn much $ to heat.

Mushy-Have fun, hopefully on the next one I can make it.

BRUNO said...

HA! Sounds like your "minimum-requirement" for a smoke is about the same as mine! Just makes us enjoy the moment that much more!

Thought for a second there you were gonna tell us you had a REAL, LIVE jukebox!(All it takes is REAL, LIVE MONEY to buy one!)

Well, I dunno about any Scotch---but I won't be drinkin' Robin Hood, either! Think I'll just settle for a Coke Zero! My guts are just like "The Ol' Gray Mare"---they ain't what they used to be.....!!!

Kacey said...

Hi Pat...Thanks for stopping by my place. Not only am I from NW Ohio (Perrysburg, across the river from Toledo) and SW Florida (Ft. Myers), I am also a conservative, Bible reading, ex smoker with a grandson flying over the middle east to translate Arabic messages. (We are not Arabic...that was curtesy of the Presidio at Monterey/Air Force.) I can't believe that there is another conservative in NW Ohio besides Joe the Plumber, my husband and me!

Buck said...

I have a bottle of Drambuie in the liquor cabinet, too. In fact there's always a bottle of Drambuie in there... I take mine straight-up, two fingers at a time.

I feel for ya where the WX is concerned, Pat. We've had a cold snap for the last few but it's gonna go to the low 60s today. I'll have a cigar on my way out and back from the base later today... maybe even finish it up with a beer once I get home... if the wind ain't up.

Have a great weekend!

Pat Houseworth said...

Kacey: Youngest sis lives in Naples with husband Mike the Chef(from Denmark) the former head Chef at the Danish Embassy in DC....they have been there for several years....ex sister in law has a condo on Sanibel Island as well. I coached against the Perrysburg ACME baseball team in tournaments a number of times...small world, plenty of us Cigar smoking right wing types in Van Wert and Mercer Counties...but once you get past Lima and north towards Bowling Green, not so many.


Buck, whenever I get out that way...we can down a couple of shots, or a bottle {small one of course} and fire up a smoke....Drambuie has been a favorite since my days freezing in upstate NY after Vietnam....nothing finer than a shot and a quality smoke.