Friday, December 19, 2008

The Ice Man Cometh/Bush Caves

Have spent the morning watching the ice starting to melt and listening to details of the Bush $17.4 Billion bail out of the UAW....

I'll take a quick look at the Lame Duck Prez and his bail out of the Big 3. What this does is give the automakers until March to change their tune....and if they don't? No big deal, Barry Soetoro will be President and his majesty is firmly in bed with the the American Taxpayer will continue to be responsible for paying the health care and benefits for union workers that get paid $80 for twisting a bolt.....Nice Move "W"....anything to save you legacy, right? This bailout has NO, as in ZERO provisions for making the UAW to make any sacrifices....The Tax Payers, like they were forced to do with Wall Street and its bail out, are stuck....and as a result, the next several generations of kids and grand kids are screwed! Welcome to the United Socialist States of Amerika. Obama has gotten his wish, and he has none other to thank than George W. Bush......and the sad part is, this isn't going to do a gawdamn thing, other than delay the inevitable crash. Sad part is, the GOP Senate finally had the stones to stop something we the majority didn't want, and Bush cut their legs out from under them.

OK, enough of something we can't do a damn thing about, to another thing we can't do a damn thing about....THE WEATHER!

Waynesfield-Goshen called yesterday afternoon, postponing our games until January 31st..because of the coming Ice Storm....not a bad move, even though the Ice waited until Midnight to arrive...

In addition to a quarter inch of ice, we saw about an inch or rain. Schools were cancelled for the 3rd straight day.....which means most have used up almost all of their calamity days.....well, just a longer Christmas break for Patricia and the rest of the staffs and kids. As I sit here at 1PM, the temperature has claimed to 35 degrees or so, and the ice is melting pretty quick...making it one sloppy mess. It did make for some nice photos, some of which I included here for your view.

As this weekend before Christmas approaches, I am reminded that one year ago this coming week, I finally went of Fort Wayne Orthopedics and received my Spinal Epidural to try to ease my back problems from Spinal Stenosis.....The news is pretty good. Since that procedure, my back is doing well...not perfect mind you, but some 130 baseball, football, and basketball games later, I can't complain. Back is better, Blood Pressure is better, now if I could just drop those 20-25 pounds back to my pre-weight lifting days....I would consider my health rebound a success. Something to shoot for before my 60th Birthday come March 16, 2009.

OK...that's it...have a great weekend.

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Photos-various views from the yard and driveways: (1) Top Left-The ice covered bushes in the front of the house (2)Bottom photos-The Jeep looking pretty frozen, but the temps are rising and it will un-thaw without my help(3) The Bushes/trees along the southeast property line(4) Some tree buds frozen in ice and waiting for spring...a long, long, way, away.(5) thru (9) More shots of the back yard, across the street, iced up, but already melting away. Note the evergreen tree hanging over the usually towers about 20 feet high, but was reduced to 8' this morning, and as I look out the living room window, it still has not recovered.


Buck said...

The results of ice storms are pretty... especially if the sun comes out afterwards... but they sure as Hell can wreak havoc. I've been in one or two where power didn't come back for days. But none here in NM! ;-)

Enjoy your weekend, Pat!

BRUNO said...

Looks exactly like MY yard last year---except the entire trunks were busted in some!(I ain't "out of the woods" yet---see my blog answer to your comment!)

Indeed---enjoy some family time! For me, the most enjoyable is when my wife doesn't have to drive to work on it---and I don't have to prove I don't like driving on it, either! You expect no one, and no one expects you to show.

But I do confess to enjoying watching the OTHER poor bastards who had to slip, slide, and cuss their way through the hilly intersection of the gravel that runs to the north of my house---NEVER a dull moment! LOL!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I am so disappointed in Bush. Most of what he has done I like. His profligate spending is something I hate. He has done so many good things it's a shame he is pissing away his legacy as a free trader. I'm looking good for the reunion. I look forward to recounting how we saved the world. Good health.

Pat Houseworth said...

Windy here this morning.....I guess we could be in SE Wisconsin, like my father-in-law....20 inches of snow in the past week and more on the way for this week.

L&E Teach...I will be getting a "approx" head count after Christmas, to give us an idea of how many are coming to talk about our "War Stories"

Carteach0 said...

Yup.... looks a bit like that here. Not that heavy yet.

There's always later on today (g).

Jerry said...

I just got back Thursday. Since then we've had freezing rain, a thaw (up to 40 degrees), dense fog, and now it's single digit temps and a 22mph wind. I'm worn out on this first day of winter. Blechhh!

FHB said...

Man, I can't WAIT to drive up in the next few days and get some real cold weather. It'll be FUN! It was friggin' 81 here Saturday. That ain't natural!