Sunday, November 30, 2008

Basketball and Gun Show Weekend

After spending Thursday at my sister's home for Thanksgiving, the weekend activities turned to basketball for Friday and Saturday, and my legs feel it! Went to Lima Central Catholic on Friday evening along with Sam and another official we covered their annual Alumni Games. These involve the Girls Varsity team against a good of Alumni women for teams past....followed by the JV Boys vs the "older" Alumni men(classes from 1957-96), and topped off by the current Varsity Boys against the more recent grads from 97-2008. Each game involved two 8 minute quarters, the current crop emerged winners in all 3 contests, but it was all for entertainment and to help show case this years teams. LCC is always a competitive school in basketball...this years varsity crews will be no exception.

Sam headed back to LCC for a Varsity 3 team scrimmage Saturday morning, with Wayne Trace and Patrick Henry participating, meanwhile I make the 40 minute drive to Waynesfield for a W-Goshen JV Scrimmage against the time I was finished at Noon, my 59 year old legs could feel it. One more scrimmage comes along Tuesday at Spencerville, then Saturday the regular season begins at St. Henry as I open with a girls JV game at Noon before the Varsity begins. After many years of Baseball both as a coach and umpire, and the past handful of seasons doing football....this will be my first season venturing into the world of "Roundball" other than playing pickup games and watching from the stands or on the tube. We will see how it affects my mind and more importantly my body.

Fort Wayne Gun Show
Anissa is up early again this Sunday, so then, so have I. I got up about an hour ago, at 4:20AM, and am letting Patricia get some extra shuteye before heading off to church. Sam is in Findlay, while Hal headed back to Dayton on Saturday night after spending the early part of the Holiday weekend with us. Good news for Hal as far as grad school grades....a 4.0(all 3 classes getting an "A") in classes and doing well teaching at Fairborn High School. so he is on time to finish up his Masters in the early Summer. Sam meanwhile is poised to do well in his first quarter back at Ohio State-Lima, or so he says...A's and maybe a B. With the economy in the tank, the longer in college the better it appears, because it's going to be a struggle out in the real world.

Talked with my buddy Rick up near Auburn, Indiana, this week and there is a Gun Show at the Fort Wayne Coliseum this weekend, so with the gun grabbing liberals soon to the fox in charge of the hen house, we decided to meet in the Summit City this morning and take a look of what they are offering as far as ammo and must-have weapons. Should be a good look at what they are offering and what their fears are with Barack Hussain Obama soon to be putting on his Stalin garb and making his gun grab....which like the coming depression, you know is going to happen.

So will shower soon, and head the 55 miles northwest at about 10 this morning.....back later>>>>>>>>


Sarge Charlie said...

Gun show, very cool, did you see the bushwack post about the SC Tax Free weekend on the purchase of a gun, that had to burn some butts.

GUYK said...

I like the gun shows but never could find any real bargains at them. We have some gun dealers at out local flee markets who at times have some good buys...but I have found the best buys at yard and garage sales and once in a while a hock shop...but then I have to register the gun

Anonymous said... - Visit us or die!