Friday, November 21, 2008

Airedale Allergies, Global Warming BS, Gas Prices, Hate Mail....just another day?

Got up bright and early this morning, facing the clear, cold, day. 15 degrees this morning, heading for a high of 29 by this afternoon. WOW! Must be that damn Global Warming in effect? Here we are 2/3rds through November and in west Ohio we have January weather...outstanding!

The old Airedale, Reagan is having more allergy problems, something that has plagued her all though life...who knows why? Each dog we've had for the last 35 years, almost all pure bred Airedales has had their own unique personalities and problems....Reagan has been a great family dog, not the smartest Airedale, but not the dullest crayon in the box either. Her one constant has been allergies to foods, grass, and a number of other things....making her a quite costly companion.

Today's bill $133.70, for a years supply of allergy injections, a steroid shot, and a bottle of antibiotics....we can hope Reagan, at 10 1/2, will live long enough to finish off the year of injections. Not being cold hearted, we love our dog....but she is a costly member of the family at this time.

Anyway got her out and back by 8:30 this morning.

As far as Global Warming...anybody that has read this blog for awhile knows that as a career Environmental Health worker(retired)...I have always believed in protection of the environment when feasible....I have also known that the claims of man-made Global Warming are pure left wing/socialist political bullshit. The stats now show that the past 10 years have been colder than the previous....END OF DISCUSSION ON GLOBAL WARMING...Al Gore is full of Bat Dung.

Getting Gassed!

Who would have thunk it this past summer? When gas was running at $4.15 to $4.25 an gallon we seemed to be on the verge of $5 gallons of gas, and $200 barrels of oil....not so fast Lone we have $48 barrel oil and gas @....DRUM ROLL PLEASE! sets at $1.69 in Celina...less than that in Lima and Dayton. Who would have thunk it indeed?

Of course the fly in the ointment is....we are now looking at DEFLATION! Not good for the economy in the long run...but when your job(if you have one) requires lots of travel...$1.69 gas is pretty sweet. Meanwhile the economy continues downward towards the shitter, and the Dow dropped another 445 points yesterday...7500 and heading towards 5000. IMO, we are going to pass Recession and head straight into a major 1930 style Depression....disagree is you wish, and I hope and pray you are right.

Hate E-Mail.....

For the 1st year of this blog, I seldom talked about politics...I left no doubt I was right of center, pretty far right. I also made it clear that although I served in Vietnam and supported our troops and war efforts, that I did not have much use for the military while serving, and I did not believe our troops should be dying for a bunch of Christian hating and women abusing Islamics in the Middle East...I also enjoy a beer or 3, especially in the summer, and during that same time, I smoke quality cigars..... so it is amazing that these things can turn one into being called a chain smoking, Bush loving. Military hooked, racist f*ckhead.

After my "buddy" and fellow AF SP Charley sent his "love" last week, I get another love letter via e-mail from some arse I don't even get a name from yesterday...more fun!
I had received a e-mail from my buddy "Cookie"

Cookie is a retired Law Enforcement guy and an old Seabee from the Vietnam War era. I visit his blog most days and we get along fine....yesterday we exchanged e-mails concerning the flood of businesses laying off or closing right after the holiday season. The e-mails contained a list of those receiving the mail BCC: It appears than one so-called "enlightened Vietnam Vet" and Obama supporter was on the appears he doesn't like fellow military vets, especially if they support our troops, smoke, and don't like Socialism.

Here is an example of his love and respect for a fellow American/Veteran/human being:

"You're just another of those dumbf**k military assholes who f**king lives in the past"
Ignorant C**kSucker...the only right stance is yours, according to you. Go be a f**king hero somewhere else. Maybe you could go to the Mideast and get us out of there. They could put you in charge and call you "General F**king Nuisance" {have to admit that last line was pretty funny}
"This coming form some ignorant asshole that doesn't have the brains to quit smoking, probably because he thinks it's a left wing plot" {Yep those damn 25-30 cigars a year are a killer}.

Foul mouth litte bugger, ain't he?--and I left out some real crude stuff...

Anyway this is just an example of more love from someone on the brain dead left...a so called Vietnam Vet no guess is Mr. Ram here spent his entire tour, "servicing" superiors under their or his desk, if his sorry ass really ever served.

There is more, but why bother...Cookie says this moron just got out of the hospital...I figure a lobotomy was in order...he continued to write and send me cheesecake photos of "Hanoi" Jane Fonda in her early years....guess he figures I would care and rant on about Old Lady Jane....I finally put this clown in the trash bin of my e-mail files....but it was fun while it lasted. This is just another example of the hate from the that they think their man and his brown shirts are in charge...these a-holes don't have a clue what is coming their way.

Anyway, that is how my Friday started off...gotta be up hill from here. Basketball at Fort Loramie tonight...the final scrimmages end early next week, the on to the real games from there on.

Have a great weekend all.....except Ramrod{or whatever the Hell his name is} he can wallow in his own misery....I don't have the time.

back later>>>>>>>>

photos-Reagan, after her "appointment", looking a little worn out{not to mention cold}. Grand Lake, not yet frozen...but the dusting of snow does not look all that inviting for a dip in the pond. And finally the GOOD NEWS...the Gas Prices are dropping like a stone in Grand Lake.


TexasFred said...

I think it's funny...

Since Prop 8 failed in California ALL the little bone smokers have gone on a *keyboard karate* attack...

And Pat, when you start getting *hate mail*, you know you have ARRIVED in the blog world, hate mail is a solid indication that YOU are doing it RIGHT!!


pat houseworth said...

That's kind of what I thought Fred....if this guy thinks I'm a wacko...I bet his eyes bleed when reading some real politically "right" sights?

Pretty good stuff...

GUYK said...


Fred is right! If I don't get some hate mail every day or so I figure I am doing something wrong. And always keep in mind that when they attack you it is because they can't attack the message.

pat houseworth said...

Yep, GUYK....we are known by the enemies we make...I figure I am doing all right.

Yesterday was my biggerst "visit" number since I installed "sitemeter"{thanks to the Glenn Beck/Stephen King headline} I am enjoying it...the "haters" are out there for sure.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Pat I know you were not a lifer like I was, but I was tought from early on that if you were not call as asshole or worse by someone everyday you were not doing your job. Keep up the good work bro.

pat houseworth said...

Gotch Grampa...I was called much worse by some career guys and not so career guys in the AF...and the names I was called while on Radio or performing my Environmental Health laws were even better...Old Houseworth saying..."Everyday I don't piss at least 1 person off, I consider a wasted day"


Buck said...

I left no doubt I was right of center, pretty far right.

Yeppers... you make Genghis Khan look like a community organizer, by comparison. ;-)

I guess I'm not doing it right. Hate mail is rare... few and far between, actually. I do have the occasional 'bat drop by from time to time, but it's mostly in the "drive-by shooting" category. They rarely want to exchange views -- they just wanna insult you for being what you are. I don't have a whole helluva lot of time for that shit.

pat houseworth said...

Just kind of makes me scratch my head Buck...the most vile stuff, at least in my e-mails and blog, comes from those that served around the same time.

Guess they still have issues from their service...Heck, I didn't like the military per say, but I sure got over my distaste of how I was or wasn't treated{most/all of my own doing} long ago. Some guys are just bitter loons, and this guy is one of them.

Anonymous said...

I got so sick of getting hate mail I went to a restricted access blog. Since then, I've had a lot less problem with that sort of thing.

Shrinky said...

Oh, sweetie, I know and loathe bbc well. He's been finally banned from my site too. The guy is a sicko, it's his problem, not ours. The most puke-inducing comment I ever read of his was to a recently bereaved mum from the USA. Her son was a soldier in Iran. He stated if she had ever been any half decent mother her son would never had felt the need to join up in the first place. He does this for attention, don't give him that oxygen. x

pat houseworth said...

Yep Shrinky, he is a waste of space and time....