Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Viewing the GW Bush Legacy

The day before Thanksgiving and it looks like a couple of nice ones on the way weather wise. 40 and sun today, 45 and more sunshine for turkey day. For the past 20 years or so we have either left the Wednesday before or Thanksgiving morning for Wisconsin, and spent the Holiday weekend at Patricia's folks place....This year, because of the traffic crunch, which around Chicago, sucks, we decided to go up early...and we got that done, without the travel mess, 2 weeks ago. So tomorrow we will gather with most of the family at my sister Marty and her husband Pat"s(yep another Pat...seems we can't have enough Pats or Mikes in this family). The only ones missing from this get together will be our youngest sister Kelly, down in Naples, Florida, with her husband "Mike", that Demark Chef guy, and Marty and Pat's youngest daughter Miki out in L.A....the rest, including most of the kids will be getting together for the 2008 version of Thanksgiving.

George W. Bush has 55 days left in his miserable Presidency...55 days! The sad part is, the guy replacing him is a lousy left wing loon, who appears to be in way over his head. So Barry Soetoro Obama has responded by putting in a couple dozen Clinton era retreads in his administration. Obama is being saddled with some $7.4 trillion in "additional" debt, that we can't or won't be, as a people, ever be able to be pay back. If I didn't despise him so much, I would almost feel sorry for I said, this rookie political hack is in way, way, over his head. Have fun buddy, you are gonna need it!

Back to Bush. Here is a guy I voted for not once, but twice. In 2000 I thought he was the most Conservative of the candidates in the main stream political scene...I voted for him without reservations, and swayed in the wind, while Al Gore and his political henchman tried to steal the election in Florida. After 9/11/01 I thought "W" did an excellent job in the fight on Terrorism...sure he was going along with Congress, spending money like a drunken sailor, but we appeared safe, and W had a 90% approval rating. My support for Bush started to wain however when Bush and his cronies in the White House seemed Hell bent on opening our borders to every low life in the non-free world...Open borders for Islamics, who hated our very being. And Hell, it seemed he wanted to make Mexico and it's population our 51st state. The spending and national debt continued to mount.

Forward to 2004...the Democrats put the Vietnam Traitor, John Kerry up for contest. Bush was pissing me and just about every other true conservative off, but no true right wing type, especially if you were a Vietnam Vet, was ever going to vote for this son of a bitch that cut and run after 13 weeks of his second tour...cut and run so he could come home and rip his fellow VNV with lies, lies, and more lies. John Kerry should have been tried and hanged for treason. So, here we go again...Bush was the one..although I didn't have much stomach for his "Compassionate Conservatism" any longer. The past 4 years have been, for the most part, a disaster, not only for Conservatives in particular, but the nation in general.

Bush has been pretty bad as President, but he has done some good things worth noting: (1) 2 good Supreme Court Justices (2) no terrorist attacks on the homeland since 9/11 (3) ? Hell, I really can't think of much else.

Now for the bad news: Under GW we now have amassed another $7.4 trillion in debt{do you realize that 1 trillion seconds ago it was 29,000 BC..yep, 29 thousand years before our savior Jesus Christ was born...multiply another 7.5 or so and you have 217 thousand years before Christ....just a little math quiz for you}. And it only going to get worse....1933? I don't think so...we, in the not so distant future will think that The Great Depression was the good ol' days. Other Bush items I don't particularly like, Besides "Bail Outs" and "Open Borders", we have the continuing war with the Middle, don't get me wrong, I don't mind the war(s), I'd just like to see the sons a bitches won...and yes they can be won....but you actually have to fight to win, not let Islam call the shots, you know? Kill the freaking enemy, even if they are hiding in "places of worship"...after all, they are the enemy. Yep, Bush has been a disaster when his 8 years are taken in total. And it has nothing to do with the left wing loons yelling "Bush is Hitler" or "Now that we have Obama in office, the world will respect us/like us again". I could really give a crap what the Euros, Islamics, or anybody else thinks of America...we don't run their governments, and they should have no say in ours. If I had my way, we would close every damn overseas military base, and bring our troops home to protect our borders, and let the rest of the world protect their own borders.

One final thing could change my mind, a little, when it comes to being disgusted with George W. Bush...A couple of guys named Compean and Ramos. 2 border agents working the US-Mexico border. These two Hispanic agents shot an escaping Mexican drug dealer(with multiple convictions) in the ass when he was caught crossing back across the border...he survived and testified for the US in the trial of the two agents...thanks to Jack Booted thug and US Attorney Johnny Sutton...and the Bush Administration. The agents received 10 and 11 years in Federal Prison from the Government, and George Bush nor his administration never lifted a finger...179 Bush pardons later, and time running out, "W" still has not lifted a finger to free these men:

So "W", do this one thing, pardon these two agents, Political Prisoners of the US Government, and I may look more kindly upon your sorry ass...maybe, but with the criminal/unconstitutional bail outs...even that may not be enough...but it may make you actually look like a human being, rather than no better than the Socialist assholes that are going to replace you and your corrupt buddies in 55 days!

Enough ranting...time to get ready for Thanksgiving....we will be spending it with family, Agents Ramos and Compean, won't be so lucky,


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Buck said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Pat!

Lin said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Pat! Here's to good food, drink and great buddies!

Deborah Wilson said...


All the pleading in the US is not going to persuade Bush to pardon the 2 border agents. Bush & Co/DC are in bed with the Mexican Government. And it's gonna get worse....

But here's to a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Jerry said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm heading south after dinner, to Texas.

Donald Douglas said...

I'm giving GW the benefit of the doubt. He didn't cause the financial collapse. We would have had a recession sometime anyway, and the FED kept interest rates too low. Not to mention Pelosi/Reid and company and all the subprimes handed out by Fannie and Freddie.

Yeah, Bush let government get too big. But just wait four years from now, and hopefully not eight, and Bush will look like Milton Friedman!

Have a great Thanksgiving, Pat!

Larry said...

A wonderful Thanksgiving to all the Houseworths from the Farens.