Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008


The weather has dawned hazy and warm for November 4, 2008. Warm by being 55 degrees as the sun comes up, headed for a high somewhere in the low 70s with plenty of sun. I cannot remember a fall voting day being this nice weather wise.

Patricia and Sam have already voted, before they headed off to St. Henry Elementary and Ohio State-Lima, respectively. I'll shower, take my time, and head out to the Galleria Shopping Complex...the Mercer County Board of Elections in all their (lack of) wisdom have shoved the entire voting population into one building.

At last count Mercer County, Ohio, voting wise, was broken down like this(although I find it hard to believe we have this many "independents".

GOP Voters: 7500
Dem Voters: 6600
Indy Voters: 13,300

So we have as many independents as we do party voters....regardless of what happens nationwide or in the State of Ohio, Mercer County will go for John McCain, by a large margin. Even German Catholics who call themselves Democrats, won't vote for a Abortion on Demand Liberal...they never have, never will. Those voting for Obama in this county, basically consists of White Trash and mind numbed children in their 20s. The rest voting for "The Messiah" include our small % of minority voters, and a few left over union workers, from our long gone USW industries, throw in a few former politicians who feel superior and "enlightened", and Barrry Soetoro Obama might grab 35% of the vote, in our far west central Ohio Country....even less to the north(Van Wert), and east(Auglaize), will cast their votes for Barack.

OK....off to shower, then to do my patriotic duty. (bullshit, if you aren't smart or informed enough to know what or whom is on the ballot, don't vote!} Details when I return.



Arrived at the Galleria to vote at 8:15 was out of there by 8:30...would have been quicker if not for the 2 brain impaired fools in front of me at the Precinct G table....obviously Obama supporters. These bozos had no clue to where they were to vote, I'm not sure they knew where the Hell they lived... The new digs, which puts everybody from Celina into one space, seems pretty lame...but I won't go into details, because after all, I was out of there in 15 minutes.

So, it is done! I was almost moved to cast my ballot for Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party...but blacked out the McCain/Palin box instead. I won't be a part of giving the state to a Marxist from Chicago. Make no mistake, I believe Obama will be President-Elect come tomorrow morning...probably with 300+ Electoral Votes and about 50% of the popular vote, with McCain getting about 47%. Just my wild hair of a guess.

I've stated my concern about a Obama Presidency with a large majority of liberal asswipes in charge of Congress....the next 2(at least) years will not be pretty. Especially if you have your head firmly up your ass, and are not ready for the coming "Change". I saw dozens in our small rural city at the polls this morning, that fit the description of clueless Obama voters. Anything tougher than this week's "Dancing with the Stars" , or "Hey, Brady Quinn, is the new Browns QB", is beyond their train of thought....yep, gotta be Barry Obama voters!

"God Save the Republic" Although we sure don't deserve it.

So, get your butt out and vote, then sit back and watch the coming "Change"...stock your pantry, and make sure your supply of necessary ammo for your hardware is ample.

back later>>>>>>>>

top left-the cute little stickers we get, from out criminal Secretary of State, the broad in bed with ACORN. The full parking lot at Voting Central at 8AM....and the doorway to the Galleria, looking emply, but trust me, the voting area inside, like the parking lot outside, was full.


Sarge Charlie said...

we got to keep the faith

Buck said...

I find it hard to believe we have this many "independents".

I saw something on teevee that said, essentially, the surge in Independent registrations is largely because of disaffected Republicans. I can buy that, as I was considering the same sort of move earlier this year. I didn't do it because Independents can't vote in the party primaries...

I STILL have my fingers crossed for McCain. "Hope springs eternal," and all that. ;-)

pat houseworth said...

We will do to the bitter end Sarge...Buck, I consider myself an "independent" but like you, I like to vote in the primary...so for now I keep the tired old GOP label.

Old Soldier said...

I got my vote in at lunch, no lines, just in and out. I will stay up tonight to see if we are doomed or not. May God help us all.