Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Aftermath

OK, time to clean up the blog of the political mess it has become. First off, let me say I now know why I moved back to this area in 1980 after being gone for the most part since my Air Force days. I sometimes wonder why, but after reviewing the election results from Tuesday, I have the answer...most of these people think much like me, not as far right, but with basically the same mindset on what is best for the State of Ohio and the country.

The final election Results:
Barack Hussain Obama won Ohio with 51% John McCain 47%, however, McCain won 67 of Ohio's 88 Counties....take a wild guess of the political makeup of the individual counties?

Mercer County(where I live)
McCain 14,730 72%
Obama 5,636 27%
Auglaize County(our Lake neighbors to the east)
McCain 16,000 71%
Obama 6,500 28%
Van Wert County(northern border county where I was born and worked for many years}
McCain 9000 62.5%
Obama 5000 35%
I have to admit I was a little disappointed in Van Wert, the county with the largest % of GOP voters in the area.

We also, just to avoid looking like hate filled Right Wingers, passed all the tax levies on the ballots.

So there you have it...West Central Ohio did it's job, too bad the city slums and ACORN did their jobs better...but that's the way it goes.

I have seen other blogs, some saying that even though they didn't vote for the man, Obama is their President, and they will support him. Sorry I cannot say the same. The guy is a Marxist, an abortion on demand at any time supporter, and has no vision for the country that I share. He may be the person elected by 51% of the voters, but I'll give him the same respect(lack of) that the left has given George Bush the past 8 years....that would be ZERO.

But it's time to move on to other things, the political and economic woes will work themselves in the directions that they are destined. I'll keep my powder dry.
Clinging on to Summer

OK, that's it for politics for this big day of summer type weather left. Today in the low 70s, with storms and rain in the forecast for tonight...then back to falling temps and some wet, windy, weather in the next week or so, starting tomorrow.

The past 2 days, I have taken advantage of the weather and mowed my yard Tuesday, and mom's yesterday. Today I will tackle the overgrown Ivy in the Dog Kennel area and fence. Then if time remains(getting dark at 5:30 these days), I will go at the garage and sweep and clean it out for winter.

That's it, back to the non political boring life of the semi-retired.....with that I will give one final salute{ middle finger blocked out for PC reasons} to Barack Hussain Obama---have fun son, you wanted to save the world from America, rob from the middle class and give to the freeloaders, have at it...some of us won't go along with your plans without a fight. Drink Up Kiddies Indeed!


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Sarge Charlie said...

pass the koolaid, oh my

Anonymous said...

I have to admit to a certain amount of frustration with conservative blogs. If just one more person says "oh, it's wonderful that Obama won because he's black!" I may croak outright. The guy is a disaster, and people are saying, well, I didn't vote for him but I am glad for all my black friends. What the hell? Is the Presidency about compensating people with low self esteem and enhancing their ego? We have a socialist aristocrat in the White House now, a Senate and House dominated by the socialist party, and a political machine soon to be hell bent on stamping out the last vestiges of individual freedom in the country. And that's ok because "he black!"

david mcmahon said...

Clinging on to summer, Pat? Come over here - it only gets dark past 8pm now.

Brigid said...

post tonight, nothing election wise, as I feel like I've been in a paint shaker all day, and the constant Obamagasm on TV is more than I can take.

So, a post about Lake Eire. You might appreciate.

Nite all.

Jerry said...

Your county did better than mine did. It was a real eye-opener for me. Pretty much 2-1 McCain, but that's a disappointment. In the old days it would have been 4-1 Republican. The nutjobs have moved in. The Great Lakes have been infected. I think I'm moving back to Oklahoma.

Charley McCauley said...

Too bad for you you racist fuckwad. Like it or not Barrack won over twice the electoral college votes that McCain won so you better get used to it or shoot yourself. Preferably the latter because the world is better of without assholes like you. Charley McCauley 327th SPS NTAB RVN 1970-1971.

pat houseworth said...

Thanks for stopping by Charles. So nice to hear from a fellow VSPA member....I can feel the love in your comment.

Now, if I only get the chance to meet you in person to iron out our small difference.

I'm not sure if being TDY actually makes you one of us{VSPA}, but the rules are the rules...I have sent out your feeling about anybody that doesn't drink the Obama Kool-Aid to our fellow VSPA members, 96% who don't support Obama....I'm sure they will be glad to know you think they are all "fuckwads" and "racists".


Anonymous said...

I don't know of one person that said they voted for Obama because he was black. Is this something that Rush the Racist said? I voted for him because he is a man of character, unlike his opponent. He won every debate. He stayed calm while McCain was flustered and angry. McCain left his wife because she was disfigured in a car accident. I think it's time that people stop pretending about McCain. The stories are all coming out about the REAL treatment he got in Vietnam...

pat houseworth said...

Nice Job of Kool-Aid Drinking Anon....but I expect nothing less for some useless asshole that can't leave a name or site.

Have a nice life, and keep the Obama knee pads handy, you're gonna need them.