Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post Election Hangover(and) Some Good News

The pollsters got it pretty close. Looks like "The Ebony Messiah" wins by 5 or so % and with somewhere in the 350 Electoral Vote range.

As I've said and heard it many a time...."when the worst happens, it doesn't always seem that bad" I saw that line uttered in the 1948 movie with Bogart and Tim Holt "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"...and it rings true this morning. I really cannot imagine a worse person and ideology put forth by the Democrats. Now to be fair, John or Juan McCain was never my choice, but the distrust and utter dislike I have for Obama, swung my vote his(McCain's) way. Add to the fact that George Bush has been a disaster since his good work post 9/11. The country, pulled left by the Main Street Media, with large minority and youth percentages voting for Barack Hussain Obama, has steered into dangerous waters. As for myself, nearing 60, I'm not all that worried, pissed off? Yes, worried? No.

There is good news on this post election day. It appears the Senate gains by the Democrats will not reach 60 seats in the Senate, Hell even Ted Stevens, recently convicted as a felon, won in Alaska...although he may not serve..Sarah Palin, Senator from Alaska? Perhaps..time will tell. It appears Saturday Night Live idiot Al Franken will lose a close race in Minnesota to incumbent Norm Coleman...only 750 votes out of 2.5 million, who says "your vote" doesn't count.

In the House the liberal Marxists(Democrats) will pick up between a dozen and 15 seats...far less than the 30 predicted. In some good news for Christians and folks with a moral fiber in the body, the perverts in California, Arizona, and Florida, lost on making(keep in California's case) queer marriage "normal" and legal. Trust me, I could care less what these folks do in their homes, but saying it's "normal" is pure BS. It's not, and you can slice that anyway you want.

So, we will move on towards January, slouching towards Gomorrah. Is this the end of America as we know it? Perhaps, although I have not given up total hope. Make no mistake an Obama Presidency is going to be a disaster, the economy and tax policies are in deep trouble. The GOP needs to make up it's mind...Left, Right, or Center. True Social, Guns and God, Conservatives need to decide whether the GOP is the "right" party, or do we need to move on to another 3rd party, such as the Constitution Party?:

Either way, time will move on, and without a doubt the next election cycle will begin in weeks, rather than months or years.

62,000,000 folks supported a Socialist/Marxist for President last night---56,000,000 million voted for a RINO, John McCain, because they knew that Obama will be much worse-Where next Conservatives? It is truly time to "move on"?--(photo)-McCain is toast, is the GOP? Perhaps, and that may be a good thing. As I mentioned yesterday, I almost voted for Chuck Baldwin(he ended up with just over 10,000 votes in Ohio), I didn't, I voted for McCain, I will now continue to fill the basement with food and goods, stock up on Ammo, and see what the leftist winds blow my way.
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Keep you chin and your hopes up, as for you Obama supporters...Don't drink too much Kool-Aid, you might drown.


Jan said...

hey will be okay--we made it through Jimma and Slick Willie--we'll get through it again. I keep telling my husband we need to keep our ammo dry (he just looks at me funny, as we don't own a gun. Not that we're antigun, I'm just afraid he'll accidentally shoot me or one of the cats during the night :) Love the Montezuma pics--keep em coming!

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Well said Pat. I am debating if I should continue to fly my flag. I have had it up for as long as I can remember, but with the new CHANGE perhaps it should come down. Hell the ONE may have Old Glory redesigned to suit his whims.

Buck said...

Yeah... we'll survive. It may take a generation to undo what Obama might do, but the simple fact is NONE of us knows what the Hell is gonna happen. That's because none of us knows WHO the Hell the man really is. I can't believe 52% of the nation is that damned gullible.

Anonymous said...

It sure as hell doesn't look good. His Obamaness is going to use the Clinton Rasputin,Ramm Emanuel, for a chief of staff. That asshole is a poisonous dwarf if ever there was one. He was Slick Willies hatchet man, dirty tricks boy, and Head Pimp.

I got sick of watching the news today and everybody saying "how wonderful we elected Obama. He Black!"

I wonder if the dumb shits pick their doctors the same way.

Sarge Charlie said...

very good pat, I like Sarah for senator, that would be a good stepping stone.