Friday, September 25, 2009

199 and Going Topless/Rush Runs Over Al Gore

Yesterday I put in 3 posts on the blog, a record....usually 4 or 5 a week is normal, but I had a couple of political points to make, so figured I'd get the Obama Garbage out of the way in one felt swoop. Today, back to more mundane stuff, but I will have an observation and opinion of events going on at the end of today's post.

Weight down to 199, time to go Topless____

Since I went on the Diabetes 2 Diet on September 3rd, I have dropped 9 pounds, so on average about 3 pounds per week...although the weight loss has ceased for the past week....I have in total dropped 15 pounds since early March....about 17-19 more to go. So here it is, late September, and I'm going topless! Well, not really me, but my Jeep Wrangler has been topless since June....I usually take the ragtop off for the summer then put it back on before the snow flies. If any of you have ever had a Jeep soft top, you know that they are a pain in the butt to drop the top, then zip and hook back I just take the damn thing off, and either park Jeep in the garage or put a tarp over it when rain threatens...which has not been a problem for the past 3 months, this week not withstanding.

I'm thinking it's about time to hook the top back up, but I hate to drive it around with top on in the final "Indian Summer" type good weather. So maybe I'll push the envelope for a couple more weeks......

Not so empty nest____

The partial empty nest I talked about earlier this week won't be so empty this weekend...all 3 "Kids"{ages 30, 27, and 25} will be home for the weekend. Hal is home for a friend's wedding in which he's a groomsman, Sam is home from his first week of classes at OSU in Columbus to officiate a JV game at Spencerville, with me tomorrow morning....Anissa will be staying her usual weekend in full with us, it appears she will be moving into a apartment with another handicapped women with 24 hour supervision/care before the year is out...but that is by no means set in stone.

Hugo Chavez loves Obama, hates Fox News____

Now there is a big surprise, Not! This Marxist son of a dog faced jackal, is the Dictator of Venezuela...and like the other world trash, Ahmadinejad of Iran, Kadafi of Libya, and Barack Hussain Obama of the USSA...he stunk up New York City this week...the UN needs to be booted out, once and for all.

Loving Obama, ignoring the G20 protests in Pittsburgh{while calling the Tea Party folks "Hatemongers", and of course hating Fox News}...this is the stuff the world, the American left, and Media are all about. Frankly, it's all they have! I enjoy being on the side they despise.

Israel, when will they strike Iran, and what is Obama going to do?__

Israel's Leader Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at the UN yesterday blasted the bloated corrupt body for allowing the Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad to speak...why would the UN do that? They are in bed with the Anti-Semites and the Israel hating left.

What is particularly sad is to watch American Jews like the TV nitwits Jon Stewert and David Letterman, Hollywood assclowns like Barbara Striesand and Steven Spielberg, and political hacks like UpChuck Schummer of New York, and Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, hate Israel as much as Obama and most of the Muzzie appears they are blind or complicit of Islamic terror and hate of Israel.

Anyway, the question of the day is......When will Iran get the bomb, and will Israel hit Tehran and the Nuke sites before the work is complete....? Go Israel, do what needs to be done, because the American {lack of} leadership, will sit by and fiddle while Jerusalem Burns, if you don't.

back later...enjoy the weekend>>>>
Photos-My Jeep Wrangler "topless"/Hugo the fan of Obama and hater of Fox News/"Obummer, The Fiddler does his dirty deeds, will he leave Israel Burn?"
On a final note, you'll find this funny as anything you'll see today, if you're not a fan of Al Gore...Rush Limbaugh was on Jay Leno last night and "Ran over Al Gore with his Ford Green Car"

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Larry said...

"...the UN needs to be booted out, once and for all."
A big "Amen!", Bro Pat. Yes, I saw the Rush-Does-Al segment and it was priceless.