Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Obama says "Screw America's Problems, I'm going to Denmark"

Fall is in the air in west central Ohio...Garry and I did a Rec League game last night, and I didn't break a sweat...of course we are talking about 3rd and 4th grade JV Rec with a 30 mph wind and temps in the lower 50s, you would have to work to "sweat it out" game tonight, just our final rules meeting at Van Wert. After a short get together, we break for Pizza Hut for our final meeting beer and pizza. We finish off our final month of regular season football next month(the playoffs linger into early December)...the Basketball State Meetings get underway early first scrimmage is set for November 10th.

The Olympics...Does Anybody Care?___

Seems our halfassed Kenyan-in-Chief, Barry Soetoro, has Chicago on his mind, he wants the Olympics to be held in his dump of a hometown in 2016...he may want to clean the gang infested streets from his home turf before letting "The World" get a view of the real Mistake-by-the-Lake{with apologies to Cleveland}:

Well instead of asking the Chicago Goons to clean up their act, or better yet answering the question whether to put more troops on the ground in Afghanistan, our beloved Messiah-in-Waiting, is Jetting off to Denmark with Queen Michelle Antoinette in tow, to try to use his charm and power{since he doesn't have the balls to use real power, like Military Power against the Islamics} to coerce the Olympic Committee to give the 2016 games to Chi-Town.

Way to go Barry...Iran with Nukes, Afghanistan burning, Chicago Murdering, and Health Scare, and Swine Flu worry about your dump of a city getting the 2016 Olympic Bid.

You know, I'm kind of looking forward to 2016 that time your sorry ass will either be defeated, or your months in office will be growing short...unless you and your legion of lemmings can change the Constitution to allow you to be President of the World for life.
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pelicanmarsh68 said...

I rarely seek to personalize my distaste for Obama, but I have to say, "What a tool."

And this is our American President? Going to beg for the Olympics in his old stomping grounds when we have a war in Afghanistan that screams for his attention?

Twilight Zone, indeed.

PRH....... said...

Thanks for your opinion 68...adding your blog to my list.

Keep up the good fight!

pelicanmarsh68 said...


Firstly, thanks for your service to our Nation and Secondly, I'll keep fighting as long as you will, Citizen Commentator PRH!

Ne elegimit carborundum esse, or,
Never let the bastards wear you down!

Long Live the Republic.

The Lonely Conservative said...

He's so pathetic. Good grief. Payback for political cronies is more important than the men and women fighting a war. And his wife blathers about the "sacrifice" she's making! Please.