Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson to Obama "You Lie"

South Carolina Congressman called our Illegal Kenyan Born Prez exactly what he is last during during the Obummer's Hitler like speech to Congress:

I was expecting Nanny State Pelosi to call out the SS Storm Troopers and have Joe hauled off to the death camps in San Francisco.
The only downer was that Wilson called the White House to Apologise to the real President Roach Emanuel...or is that VP Emanuel with George Soros being the real President.
Top Left-Congressman Joe Wilson(R-SC) and Emanuel and his Obummer Sock Puppet...Who is pulling the strings?
Obama By the Numbers:
The latest Poll Number for our infamous Liar-in-Chief
Rasmussen today has The Ebony Messiah at 41% Strongly Disapprove/33% Strongly Approve of his performance...when "leaners" are counted he rates 51% Disapprove and 48% Approve.
The Wannabee King of the World fares no better in the Zogby International Poll:
By a margin of 48-42% voters disapprove of him and his job...if all numbers are tossed in the Highest/Lowest form it stands at Negative Obama 57% Positive Obama thinks the Emperor is about to lose his clothes.
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Cookie..... said...

Joe Wilson... **sigh** MY HERO!!!

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Joe got balls.. he is my new hero and a man of the people.