Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photos of Places I have Lived

Time to get away from politics for a day or 2...after almost a week bashing the departed Ted Kennedy, time to move on from him. I do however encourage you to "Wake Up America" and pay attention to what the Hell is happening in our country under the mis-leadership of one Barack Obama. The guy has filled his administration with hard core Marxists and Black Radicals that are out to change, if not destroy, this once great Republic...under his pathetic leadership, we as a free nation may indeed be doomed.

Sam and I headed north to Antwerp yesterday afternoon to do a Junior Varsity game between the hometown Archers and visiting Hilltop. Seems the teams had decided to do no kick offs after scores(choosing to put the ball on the 35 yard line instead). They also opted to play 8 minute quarters rather than the regulation 10 for JV games...no problem for us.

The game moved along at a pretty good clip, then with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, and Antwerp up 14-0, one of the Hilltop players went down with a knee injury. After getting him off the field with help from his teammates, the visiting coach informed me that they would have to quit the game...he, in addition to being a defensive back, was the JV teams only Quarterback...of the 13 remaining players, none had practiced the position, thus by agreement we ended the game with Antwerp the 14-0 winner. Never had that happen before...rain with thunderstorms, yes, cancelled to lack of a QB? Not until yesterday. Guess you see something new everyday.

Places I have lived part #1{1949-1962}___Van Wert, Scott, Ohio, Venice, Florida

I have had the opportunity to live in several places in my 60 years, even as kids, the old man would pick up stakes and head to places unknown by the family. Here are a few photos of some of those places, in the early years...I will pick out the later years as the week goes by:
Van Wert, Ohio{the birthplace}

The Old Van Wert County Hospital where I was born in 1949 and Main Street{The Lincoln Highway Old Route 30} as it looks these days.

Scott, Ohio{the first hometown}

The Old Scott School torn down with the bricks moved in the early 1920s to the "new" Blue Creek School in Haviland.
Photo of the "Scott Gun Club" with a couple of my Great Uncles, Jim and Joe Waldron with friends, shooting at targets. And Grandma Wilda Houseworth{standing} and co-worker at the switchboard of the Scott Phone Company...Top left of Blog is the Scott Elevator, the always there landmark{been burned down 3 times, but always back again}...all photos from the early part of the 20th century.

Venice, Florida(1953-1962)

Guess I should add my mom's hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, to the list as well. We lived in Wilmington{the Shipside Subdivision} for a time in 1952...I also stayed with my Uncle and family during much of my tour in 1968-69 during my early days in the Air Force.

The Photos-I have to say Blogger makes it a pain in the ass to write and place photos at the same time....my apologies...so here we go:

From the Top...The Scott{Ohio} Elevator 1910, Venice{Florida} Beach Casino as it looked in 1952, Downtown Van Wert{OH} as it looks today, and the old Van Wert County Hospital I was born in 1949, The Old Scott School, Scott Gun Club, and Grandma at the Scott Phone Company. From Florida, Alston Cottages, where we lived in the early days in South Venice. The famous Venice Jetties as it looks today. A Devil Ray caught off Venice Beach in 1928 and finally the Wilmington, Delaware, skyline. As always, double click for the large versions of the photos.

Back with more in this 3 part look back at the places I have lived.


Matthew Avitabile said...

pretty neat

United Citizens Council said...

My family doesn't seem to want to remember the past. I wish I had some things to show off.

PRH....... said...

For good or bad, the past is what makes us what we are today. I do not dwell on it, but I enjoy takingn a gander back now and then, to the places and especially the people I knew.

Shrinky said...

I have a fascination for old family photographs, it's hard trying to imagine your grandmother or old great aunt Enid as being once so fulsome and young, and brimming with life.. until you look upon these types of photos, that is.

A fine collection of photo's Pat, thanks for sharing.