Monday, September 28, 2009

Afghanistan...The Good War?

A cool breeze is blowing through the flat lands of west central Ohio this morning...after a few thunderstorms overnight, a strong west wing, gusting to 50 MPH, is moving clouds, leaves, limbs, and whatever else isn't held down....more fall like it is this first full week of Fall. Tonight and tomorrow I will remain in Celina for football, this evening a JV game between the local Bulldogs and Van Wert...always interesting when I do a Celina vs Van Wert game, even with this being a JV contest...Van Wert is my birth down, also where I worked at Environmental Health Director before retiring 7 years ago, and is the school where I was voice of the "Cougars" for over a decade on Cable Channel 7, out of that town some 22 miles north of here on US 127...Celina, of course, is where I graduated from High School in 1967 and where I reside today...the kids also are Celina graduates.

Obama's War____

I have a question for anybody interested, or that has a clue. Just what the Hell are we doing in Afghanistan?

Obama's hand pick General, Stanley McChrystal, was on 60 minutes last night...that being a show I have not watched in years, and probably will not watch again in this lifetime. Why would I watch a bunch of left wing lap dogs, that hate middle America, hate the troops on the ground, and yet worship that same ground as long as Barack Hussain Obama walks on it? Anyway listening to and watch clips of McChrystal from last night's show...I have come to the conclusion that this guys is typical of many American Military leaders, that being he's dupe.

Tough talking General he may be...but saying that Job #1 is "protecting the civilians of Afghanistan" You gotta be freaking kidding me? We are sending more troops to that sheethole in the far Middle East to "Protect Civilians"? Is that how you win wars in these days of Obama and Political Correctness? I don't think so, not now, not ever.

Just so you know...I am for winning the war on terror, I am against losing one more American life(unless it would be a few hundred liberal ass clowns going there as "Human Shields") for this "Obama War". The clueless rookie, who really didn't expect to win the presidency in this go around, and now that he has, is crapping his pants.

So how do we go about winning the war on terror? (1) We bring home our troops from around the world, protect the home turf, and seal the borders, all of the borders, including the airports. (2)Send home the illegal Islamics, most support their perverted religion before they support this Republic...note I said "Illegal", not all Muslims. (3) Blow the Hell out of Iran, Afghanistan, and wherever else the Taliban is hiding....i.e. Keep the Nuclear Option open! Yep, I know, all would be tough to do...but I seem to recall a time in American History, when we, as a country, were tough enough to do it...somehow I have my doubts about today's America and its' people.

Right now we are fighting Obama's War....a war which he appears to want to win, as long as we don't really have to kill anybody? Obama is a Marxist, an Appeaser, and a Rookie, way out of his league...McChrystal is falling into his trap.

Wrapping up the Weekend____

Sam and Hal were both home, with laundry in hand. Hal was home for a friend's wedding, he was one of the Groomsman....along with one of the other guy's in the wedding, he came rolling in about 2:30 in the morning, they got up, had breakfast, and Hal heading back south with Hangover in Hand. Sam was home for a short time Saturday...officiating a JV game with me at Spencerville...he headed back to Columbus in the mid afternoon, in time to catch the OSU game on the tube. He did not work this game, but will work the Iowa game later on, which should be a good one, considering the fact that Iowa knocked off Penn State at Happy Valley over the weekend.

Things are more quiet today, and should remain that way for the next week or so....

In addition to the Spencerville game, I officiated a Rec League double header yesterday, and the season at all levels is into the second half of the season....Basketball is on the Horizon...I am not ready for winter sports just yet, but this change in weather makes me realize the season is not all that far away.

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United Citizens Council said...

Amazing huh? We have a PC guy in charge of fighting in Afghanistan demanding more troops. AND his boss, Prez Obama would rather go to the HQ of the Olympics than decide.

You can't always vote Present....

Sarge Charlie said...

Where is Patton when we need him?

PRH....... said...

Where the Republic is going to be Sarge if we don't wake up and change the power in DC.

The Military is turning into one big PC social club...not the troops on the ground, but the so called leaders, Colin Powell started this slide into limp wristed leaders, and it is getting worse.

Hal said...

Hey I didn't bring home any laundry! Not this time at least.

PRH....... said...

You did bring home some Hal, but your older brother brought enough home to make up for both of you.....but we can live with that...for now! :D

Deborah Wilson said...

->I have a question for anybody interested, or that has a clue. Just what the Hell are we doing in Afghanistan?<-


As I understand, the original mission was to root out Bin Laden and destroy Al Qaeda training camps.

My opinion is that the original mission is a lost cause - mainly because Bin Laden is obviously being hidden by his people, who will never reveal his location willingly - and the Taliban/Al Qaeda will never give up either. Bin Laden might be in Afghanistan and he might not be in Afghanistan.
The US military knows this - the US military doesn't know where Bin Laden is, else he would be in custody right now - or dead.

Afghanistan is ruled by the Taliban and is made up of many different tribes. They are not going to change.

Gen. McChrystal, claiming that the US military's #1 job is protecting Afghanistan civilians is propaganda designed to continue a US presence.

Bin Laden cannot be found, America (or the American taxpayers) are broke - it's time to bring home the troops.

I doubt they will concentrate on protecting US Borders - I believe that will ultimately be left up to the states - as Texas is now taking the lead.

PRH....... said...

Correct Deb on all points...Bring em' home. Obama doesn't have the will to fight to win. While he is at it, bring the troops home form Europe as well, they have been pretty useless in their support{except early on from England}, let them defend themselves from the Islamics. After all they opened their border wide for them.