Sunday, September 13, 2009

Media Ignores DC Protest/Ohio State loses to USC...Again!

The fall weather continues to impress throughout the weekend. Albeit a little too dry in Mercer County, you can't ask for better weather...highs in the upper 70s and lows in the 50s, with little humidity and NO Air Conditioning.

Hear No Conservatives, See No Conservatives, Ignore all Conservatives___

So the main stream media, including Yahoo and other Internet outlets have decided to do just that....

Yesterday, tens of thousands, some reports say up to 2 million Anti Tax, Anti Big Government protesters headed into Washington DC to protest the bloated unresponsive politicians in DC...meanwhile the Head of State, one Barack Hussain Obama, headed out. The gutless SOB went to Minnesota to talk to a few hundred lap dog supporters in a hand picked "rally"...most of the media choose to cover that, big freaking surprise.

I'm not sure if there were 2 million marching in DC, but I know it was one Hell of a lot more than the media clowns would lead you to believe: Check out these time lapse photos for YouTube:

I saw some media hacks{MSNBC and others} saying it was in the "thousands"...No Sheet Sherlock...just how many tens of thousands would you guess from these photos?

The media and Obama worshippers just don't get it....but the movement is growing, and peaceful or not, a Revolution is Brewing....Wake Up America!

Michelle Malkin, Drudge Report, and the 912 Project all have the real can find them on the right side of this page in The Right{Wing} Stuff column.

Down Goes Ohio State to USC{again}!>>>

I have been an Ohio State football fan for over 50 years. Didn't go to college there, but even if you went to places like Ohio University, Wright State, or even Hocking Tech, if you live in Ohio or were born here, you are most likely an Ohio State Buckeye fan. I don't live and die OSU Football, but have been a fan for all the decades, even when living in Florida back in the 1950s and early 60s...root for OSU, root against Michigan, thats just the way it is.

Last night OSU had a chance to gain a small amount of revenge for the humbling 35-3 loss at Southern California last year....they came up short, again! 18-15 was the final as USC drove 90 yards in the final minutes to secure the come-from-behind victory.

You can lay the defeat on the hands of one Jim Tressel, "The Vest" as he is called in these parts. Tressel and his over-hyped, overrated 19 year old Quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, were out coached and out played, but Pete Carroll and his freshman QB Barkley last night when the game was on the line. Things have not been the same at OSU for many fans since last year's 3rd game when Tressel dumped Senior QB and local kid Todd Boeckman for Pryor....last night was no exception. Although I was rooting for OSU, when TP and the Vest failed, it didn't surprise me in the least.

Back to the drawing board...guess you can always beat up on mighty Toledo in Cleveland at Browns Stadium next week....maybe? Toledo looked pretty strong in dismantling Colorado on Friday night.

Sam the Camera Man____

Oldest son Sam, who turns 28 in December went back to college last fall, and with his previous classes, he enters the middle of his Sophomore year at Ohio State in Columbus this fall{last year he went to OSU-Lima, a branch campus closer to home}...he also has picked up a job doing video for the OSU Athletic Department...the perks include the home football games.

So last night Sam was on the sidelines for the first 3 quarters of the OSU-USC game, then moved into the press section to tape the post game press conference....I'm sure the long faces on Tressel and the players were not pleasant to view afterwards, and the smiles on USC had to make a Buckeye sick....he heads home today to officiate a double header football Rec League game with me, so I'll find out more then.

In my broadcast days, both in radio and Cable TV, I stood on many a football field, sat at a basketball press table, or worked in the press boxes above the baseball diamonds, basketball courts and football was always fun getting that view and perspective of the game...whether just watching or doing play-by-play. Do I miss it? Probably, but not so much I would want to go back to that grind...easier to sit in my leather recliner with a beer and cuss and boo in comfort. I did plenty of that, albeit in mostly silence, last night.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend...back later

Photos-Tax Day in DC was a success, except in the main stream media. Sam working as a paid intern for OSU and The Big Ten Network, was on the sidelines. Stafon Johnson scores the game winner vs the Buckeyes{#51 is local product Ross Homan from Coldwater, who had an outstanding game, despite the loss} And me in my sideline days at big games...1990 at the Horseshoe as the Buckeys win the Big Ten by defeating Indiana{me on the left with leather jacket}, and on the sidelines at Riverfront Stadium in 1986 as Cincinnati takes on the Seahawks.

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