Thursday, September 24, 2009

The End of the Dollar/The End of the Republic?

Our not-so-esteemed Prez, one Barry Soetoro, was last seen butt kissing the 3rd world trash at the UN yesterday....and today he heads for Pittsburgh to rub elbows with the stench of the G20, as his American Apologist Tour continues...what a Man this naive Marxist isn't. This clown is leading us down the path to ruin, and still a full 50% of the populace are clueless or complacent.

The Kenyan-in-Charge has in 8 months in office pretty well sold us and our few remaining allies in Europe out to the Russians, China, and he has bowed down to worship the crap known as Islamic Terrorism. The Prez is no an less Anti-Semite and Anti-American than those our men are dying for in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Either win the damn "war on terror" or get the Hell out of the Middle American life is worth losing to these ungrateful bastards. In fact, pull our men and women out of every corner of the planet, bring em' home, secure the border, our borders, against invasion, and let the rest of the world drift off and fend for themselves. Our economy is in the tank, and we cannot afford to be the police force of the world any longer.

The Drudge Reports this morning that our Dollar is in deep trouble and China{and others} wants a new world should have seen this coming:

The worst is yet to come.

Glenn Beck is fighting the good fight, but I see few others, except a few Johnny-Come-Lately types, actually bringing this to light:

That's about it for this some Dartball League work to do, that is just around the corner, and with Sam off at Ohio State, and this being our year as host Church, looks like I'm in charge? Who says retirement is boring?
Just my quick rant for today.....rambling it may be.

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Photos-Glenn Beck's new book, released Tuesday is kicking butt and is already #1/Obama is burning the dollar and selling US out to China and anybody else who will take our debt.

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United Citizens Council said...

I read somewhere that Timmay! Geithner has said he agrees we need a world currency?

*face palm*

This administration is full of fools.