Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11/01 What Have We Become in the 8 Years Since?

This morning I sit listening to Glenn Beck on my XM Radio station 165. He was playing the sounds of that Tuesday morning 8 years ago...the broadcasts, the screams, the flight tower conversations. It almost brought a tear to my eye...and being the educated Red Neck I am, that doesn't come easy these days.


I remember turning on my computer at the Van Wert County Health Department, where I ws Environmental Health Director...I see a photo on the home page of a fire and smoke coming out of one of the that time nobody was quite sure what had happened....within a half hour, another plane crashed into the other tower, and we knew what was going on...we were at war. At war with a radical and evil enemy. Islam!

Today, 8 full years later, we are still at war with the radical forces of a gutter people...the forces of Radical Islam. But we also have a much closer enemy to our Republic and Freedoms. Those forces reside in Washington DC. They are the Obama's, the Pelosi's, The Reid's, Wall Street, Big Labor Unions, Teacher's Unions, and runaway Government Regulations and the Bureaucrats that work within that system.

One World Government, a Socialist/Marxist style Government, is heading our way like a freight you and me have the guts to stop that train?

Wake Up America! God Bless America some say...I say Why? Why would we deserve his blessings? Why Indeed? We have sold our souls to radicals in DC and the National Government, we have sold our soul to Political Correctness, and the Pop Culture, we murder our unborn by the millions...In some perverse sort of way the not-so-Reverend Wright was right.

Wake Up America..before it's too late!

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United Citizens Council said...

That is right. Today we have a radical President who seeks to turn 9/11 into the Day of National Service. I have no doubt they intend to do it gradually over a few years.

Servitude to the state! How is that for radical. Obama is a member of the most radical movement we have ever seen. He was protected by the leftist media and treated as if he were a moderate.

He is a member of the radical Soros-funded movement that has everything from the "anarchist" groups that attacked Seattle years ago to ACORN and SEIU.

Today Van Jones is back at the Cente for American Progress. This is the core of their movement. It is where much of the Obama cabinet and czars come from.

The average American knows nothing about this because the media is part of the movement. Or they think they are. I think Thomas Friedman's column dreaming for a China-style one-party autocracy has slipped the veil momentarily as did the Newsweek cover "We are all socialists now" just after Obama was elected.

PRH....... said...

Obama is a George Soros Sock Puppet in the nth degree.

American Hating Marxist and Racist down to his rotten core.