Friday, September 4, 2009

Cleaning Things Up/Diabetes Diet Plans/Ted Nugent on Criminals & The 2nd Amendment

Today will mark a full week of sunshine and low humidity since we had the welcome rains last Friday and Friday appears it will stay this way, getting a little warmer to the mid 80s through the weekend, although I haven't checked the forecast this morning.

Sam and I headed to Convoy last night and officiated a Junior High game between the home Crestview Knights and a game that lasted just under 2 hours the home team came out on top 12-0...and we headed home. I popped a couple of Miller GD Lites when I got home...64 Calorie Beer? Well I'll give it a try, as I started my new Diabetes 2 Diet Plan yesterday. The plan pretty much looks like Weight Watchers, except you can eat a little more, long as you count Carbs and Calories...not a low Carb Diet, like Adkins, but a moderation of all, with a key on portion control and reducing fats and sugars....I don't see that as a problem. I'm down about 7 pounds since I got the Diabetes news last week, and figure I can sail through Thanksgiving....we will then try to hold on for the winter.

Tomorrow Morning I stay in Celina for a Freshman game with Defiance...Sam heads south for a JV match-up between Minster and St Henry. Sunday, Patricia, Anissa, and I, will take a trip to Hal's girlfriend's apartment south of Dayton, and spend Sunday with them and Lisa's Parents. At least I think that's the plan...Met Lisa once last Spring, and have not met her parents. Being Labor Day weekend, no Sunday Rec Games, so we will cruise through the weekend.

While I was getting my Diet Plan, Patricia was laid low with some sort of leg infection...the ER Doc thought it might be a spider bite, but she was not sure...either way, the wife was unable to walk on it, the leg had developed cellulite, and she was told to stay home. This being the first full week of school at St. Henry, she was not a happy camper, but did what was told. Last night she was on the computer doing school work when I gave her the business about not keep the leg after a not so subtle "take a hike" look and words, she did head upstairs and rest it...back at school this morning, but I think the leg is still a problem, even with the shot and antibiotics.

With the Diabetes 2 diagnosis, I have been walking at least 30 minutes{usually more} per morning, and I am thankful for the perfect weather...makes it a lot easier to stay focused.

Cleaning things up_______

As regular readers{do I really have any? Do I really care?} of this blog can attest, I have been fired up since Obama got into office about his politics and policies that have headed this Republic towards ruin. Make no mistake, this guy is and has surrounded himself with full blown Communists in his Administration. The leaders in the House and Senate{Reid and Pelosi} are total incompetence out for money and power. If they and Obummer had been around during Jefferson and Washington's time, they would have surly been hanged long before now for Treason.

Anyway, over the past months I have said and penned some pretty foul mouthed stuff concerning Obama and the likes of Ted Kennedy...I stand by those things I have said, and I make no apology. However, after exchanging e-mails with my buddy Tom's brother Don last night, I have come to one conclusion. The way I have expressed myself, as a Christian, is just plain wrong. Don is a Pastor, and although saying he understands the verbiage, he and some of the folks that stopped by were not keen on my use of the English Language. As a point it was well taken. So from now on, even though I will not refrain from telling you what I think of Barry Soetoro, Nanny State Pelosi, and the rest...I am going to use a kinder, well not kinder, let's say less offensive way of calling them what I believe them to be.

The points I make about Liberals in general and this Marxist called Obama, and his lemmings in particular, will always be right up front...there will be however, less of the 4 letter slams...I despise these people for what they plan on doing with this once great republic, I will continue to fight them tooth and nail from my little soap box....only the content of the words will change.

Next week, the hometowns of my past photo tour continues____

Next week, possibly Monday, I will post a few more photos of my past and present hometowns, and places I have lived....I will also take a look at September 1969, 40 years ago at Nha Trang AB, Republic of Vietnam...I have been slack on that for awhile as well.

Now, go out and enjoy the Labor Day weekend...and beware, the Obama Spin Machine will be back from "Vacation" and aiming at your kids and grand kids come September 8th, when the Messiah will speak via live Satellite feed to public schools around the country, asking the kids to join him and his band of Brown Shirts as they try to 'Change' America as we know it. Might be a good day to keep the kiddies home and tell them what America used to be.

Undecided about you thoughts on the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution? Ted Nugent isn't___

Not much doubt where Ted Stands....Lock and Load!

back later>>>>
Photos-{top left} One of the new flowers in a back yard pot...this took forever to come out. Miller GD Light, this stuff used to be not bad, but they cut the calories in half and of course added more water...not sure if this is my answer, but, will give it a try. And never let it be said that Ted Nugent doesn't say what he means, and yes, his language is a little 'salty'. :)


Mushy said...

Are you on any meds? I just take Avandia and eat most anything I want. I am cutting back, but not because of Type2.

Hope the spider bite gets better soon and doesn't turn nasty. Judy is down with a bad viral eye infection...don't know what's she's been doing with her eye!?

The Lonely Conservative said...

Hey Pat! You never offended me! But I understand, I try my best not to use foul language, but sometimes I really, really want to.

Hope your wife's leg is better soon. Best of luck controlling the diabetes, sounds like you're on the right track.

Love the baseball pic! My son is in his first season of fall ball. He's 8, so it's really his first season of 'real baseball' - fun stuff! We even have real umpires!

PRH....... said...

No Meds....for at least 6 weeks. Just Diet, 2000 Calories, 250 or so Carbs per day...less fat, sugar, etc.

I'm cutting back to lose the 20 lbs and keep the BP in range Mushy.

Well TLC, I just figured, like the diet and cutting back, I could do the same with the 4 letter words.

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