Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{Bomb} Iran...Is It Time?

The nutjobs in Iran are thumbing their noses at two flaccid entities...The United Nations, and the Obama Administration. The Islamic camel strokers in Tehran know gutless when they see it...The UN is unwilling and/or unable to make a real move on the clowns in the middle east. The very clowns that our own peanut brained Jimmy Carter unleashed on the world back in 1979, when our "Georgia Peach" didn't have the nuts or guts to stand up to the Assahola. Barack Insane Obama appears to be a farther left, more tanned version of Carter. A "man"{in body make up only} without the stones to stand up to Radical Islam's inherent sickness.

Without a doubt the "Change" Obama promised the American left is coming...but that change will result in the destruction of the Republic as we know it....

Obama hasn't the guts or will to go against the weak kneed leftist in his own party. A party that is lead by a small minority of Americans, so far left that they make Castro and Mao pale in comparison...and who is to speak out against them? Certainly not the Republicans in Washington...a group of cowards the likes we have not seen since the French in everyday life.

So What to Do?____

Yes, just what can we do to Iran? Do we let the Israelis take them out, or at least try? Do we blockade the sea routes to shut off the gas and oil supplies to Iran? Or do we Nuke the Hell out of them ourselves before it's to late?

I of course being the right wing/libertarian flamers I am{libertarian except when it comes to abortion, which I am against and war which I am for if needed, and we need it in this case}, say Nuke the Hell out of them...

Can you imagine if Obama and his minions were in charge back during the days Harry Truman had to make the decision to bomb Japan to end WW2? We would still be holding our asses in our hands.....We know and knew Iran had a second Nuclear Weapons Plant when the people were rioting for freedom, Barack Obama sat on his hands....this incompetent rookie is a disaster for this country in the likes which we have never seen...even the aforementioned Carter was not this inept or this evil.

Just my rambling thoughts for this late night hour....but back later with more>>>>

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