Monday, August 31, 2009

One Final Salute to Ted Kennedy/Football "Kicks" Off

A fall like weekend in west central Ohio. After the Friday rains ended Saturday morning, we were treated with highs in the 60s and lows around 50 for the remainder of the end of the week. Perfect for the football games on Saturday morning and for yesterday's kick off of the youth football season in Celina.

One Final Salute to "The Swimmer"___

I've bashed Senator Assclown Kennedy and the overblown media coverage of his demise enough for the past few days...and I did plan on not talking about him again, let the dead be buried, otherwise they stink up the place. And Ted the Turd would smell things up big time. So one final "Salute" other than my middle finger to the not-so-dearly departed Teddy.

I salute you Senator Kennedy for allowing my blog to be hit more times in the past 5 days than any 5 day period since I began reusing "Sitemeter" in August of 2008. I also thank you for contributing to the most "hit" month I have had since that time...the top 2 days in numbers ever, and 5 of the top ten have been noted since August 2, 2008. So once again Ted...THANK YOU! Now enjoy your final resting place, wherever that may be.

I owe the success of the past 5 days in part to this photograph of "The Bloated Swimmer"

Football on Friday Night____

I attended school in Venice, Florida, from 1955 through 1963. Our High School nickname was the Venice Indians.

I received an e-mail late last week from an old friend from those days, telling me the Indians would be on national TV{ESPNU} Friday night, playing Oscar Smith HS from Chesapeake, Virginia. Both schools have top rated quarterbacks in the nation. Sims from Oscar Smith is headed for Alabama to play for the Crimson Tide, while the Indian QB, Trey Burton, is going to Gainsville, to play for Urban Meyers and the Florida Gators.

The final ended up with #6 ranked Smith topping the Indians 27-13. The game was played in a thunderstorm and several downpours...The team from Venice missed 3 opportunities to score inside the 10 and were victimized by one of the worst officiated games I have short, they got "homered" by a incompetent officiating crew. How the State of Virginia could allow such a crew to be featured in a national game is beyond me. I am in the process of writing to the National Federation about the game, and why it was not stopped during a thunderstorm late in the first half.

I can't blame the officials for the Indian's defeat, but I can blame them for being one of the worst officiating crews I have ever witnessed in a critical game, before a national audience. It was in a word, "pathetic"{and this is coming from a long time official who knows we all make mistakes, but this was ridiculous}

It was however good to see the old Green and White uniforms on the field...I fondly remember those Friday Nights at Venice Stadium...despite this defeat, it appears they are a great squad and will be a team to be reckoned with in the State of Florida again this season.

Off north to Antwerp for a JV game tonight....back later>>>>
Photos-Helmet of the Venice old hometown. And the Kennedy Photo which maneuvered so many to this blog since his death...Thanks Again back to where you were sent.


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