Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Left Wing Comments/Nha Trang August 1969

Lot's of lightning overnight, but very little rain, most of it went south but around 5am we were greeted by a nice light show...causing me to realize that I left the rear windows down part way on the Intrepid. So I pull on the PJ's stepped into a pair of Sam's size 14 sandals and went out through the garage to the driveway and put the electronic windows up...thus saving a wet back seat. Didn't need to worry, not enough rain to wet the streets. There are a couple large batches back in Illinois and some to the south, maybe we will get us some. Mercer County needs it, most of the region, less so.

Sam, Garry, and I headed to Lima Senior High School last night for our annual State Rules Meeting. Spent and hour or so there, picked up some new whistles, and some t-shirts for the upcoming football season. The State went over the rule changes, and frankly one 2 were worth note. The sideline rules now require coaches, chain gangs, and players, need to be 2 yards off the sidelines...something that has been a problem in the past. I suspect there will be more than a few penalties called for that violation this year, as both coaches and players like to squeeze as close to the action as possible. The other main change is regarding the "Horse Collar" tackle. Tackling by the back of the neck, inside the shirt or shoulder pads has been illegal in both Pro and College Football for awhile, most forms are now illegal in High School...you just don't see this very often at this level, and I doubt it will have a major impact.

Political Hacks on Blogger____

Anybody that reads this blog on occasion, knows that I am pretty outspoken when it comes to politics. I'm a far right kind of guy, and a far right Christian as well...I don't back down, and I especially like to stick a finger in the eyes of any left wingers that stop by. One of those is to call their hero Barack Obama, a Kenyan....Now I have no clue if our sorry excuse for a Prez was born in Hawaii or Kenya. And since the "Halfrican" won't release his real original Birth Certificate, we may never know...but its' still fun to poke that into the open spaces of liberal land. I see yesterday, some left wing windbag posted as Anonymous{a typical gutless lefttard way} Tells me to "Read it and Weep" and sends me a link to Snopes.com...the left wing truth finder site...of course Snopes is run by a couple of lefties and always debunk anything that shows liberal Democrats in a bad light...or they label it as "multiple". Snopes of course claims to "know" that Obama's Birth Certificate is REAL. Of course talkers like Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter continue to ignore the BC issues...because they think it takes away from "Real Issues". It might, but I say keep stirring the pot, Obama may be a real American, but he is also a real Communist. And telling the left that, is half the fun. Kenyan or Hawaii? I say who cares? He's a bad seed regardless. I wrote the "Anon" a little rebuttal, that I think any right leaning person might enjoy. Of course if you choose to read it, disregard the "colorful" phrases if you wish, they are strictly used for entertainment.

Nha Trang August 1969___

As August 4, 1969, rolled around I had been at Nha Trang AB for a full month. Any homesickness that I might have had was quickly blowing away with prevailing winds off the South China Sea. I was settled into working my day shift Law Enforcement with the 14th Security Police Squadron, had made a few friends, Bevan, Payan, Claflin, Thompson, and others. I usually had Tuesday off, and would on occasion head downtown, or to the NCO club to partake in a few beers. I did not drink hard liquor while in Vietnam, even though available, with being on alert at any moment, hard booze was not something I was going to do...but I did down plenty of beer. In addition to the NCO Club on base, the 14th SPS had our own private movie house and bar. The place was named "Bailey's Speakeasy" after our squadron leader at the time Captain Bailey.

You could go to the movie house, watch a new movie, drink a beer, or get involved into the occasional BBQ we had out back. Yep, it was a war zone, but nobody ever said that we had it rough at Nha Trang...we actually had some pretty sweet digs. Our barracks were first rate, we had a base and our own private movie house, and a pretty nice NCO Club....hot showers, clean clothes, a BX{military convenience store}, and a Barber Shop...not bad. If you had to be in a war zone, this was the place to be.

Photos-The above photos are all from the collection of my former NCOIC and friend Phil Lange(1932-2009)....Bill Morgan, who built the BBQ Pit outside Bailey's Speakeasy sent me copies from Phil's collection after I had lost them when my computer crashed a few years ago....Bill also sent me his collection which I will post as my 40th year anniversary from my time in Vietnam continues through next summer.

(top left)Aerial Overview of Nha Trang from 1968. (2) The 14th Security Police Barracks, pretty nice place to crash. (3) left to right, Phil Lange, Captain Bailey{thus the Bailey's Speakeasy} and Lt. Wright.(4) Squadron BBQ out back of The SP Movie House, Bailey's Speakeasy.


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Nice Post Pat. Sure Dosen't seem that long ago.

Buck said...

The best of times in MY military career revolved around our "private" bars... the most memorable of which was the "Low Profile Lounge" on a deployment I had to Thailand. The name of the place was a play on a term, in that we went into Thailand to do this job in "civvies"... NO uniforms of any sort... thus: "Low Profile." Leave it to GIs to grasp the essence (and sheer ludicrousness) of any situation... as if the locals didn't KNOW who we were, and from whence we came. But I digress... I enjoyed many a night at The Low Profile Lounge. Good times.

Sarge Charlie said...

holy crap, you guys had it made, along with mamasan who shined your boots, too kushy man.

PRH....... said...

We were into the Good Life Sarge!

Small hideaway Bars were the Best Buck...too bad we didn't have great cigars to smoke back then, had to settle for the Swisher Sweets... :)

40 years Gramps...it the kids today only knew how fast it flies...maybe they wouldn't spend their lives on the damn Cell Phones, Games, and Internet...oops!

Gotta Go! :0