Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy=A Milestone for me/Diabetes 2

Well my comments on the death of Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy yesterday brought about a milestone of sorts for this blog...since I refired the "Sitemeter" a little over a year ago, my top "hit" number was 116 visits in a single day....I usually average 70-75 during the week and about 2/3rd of that on the weekends. I never worry about it, I know I have a couple of dozen folks who stop by on a regular or weekly basis. But thanks to drop dead Ted, and his bloated photo on top of the story yesterday, I hit a high number of 148 in a single day. Now I'm not so dope enough to think they were dropping by for my insights on Teddy's demise...they "Googled" that photo or the comment on Ted "Roasting in Hell" the story...anyway it gave them a chance to stop for a second or in some cases longer and view the hatefest I treated them to.

Now, don't get me wrong...I was not trying to attach visitors with my comments regarding the Taxyer2shits senior Senator, everything I said, I believe...and I make no apologies. He's gone, I hope he made apologies and knelt down before his maker when he passed...what God chose to do with his soul is of course up to comments were about the man Kennedy, the man who did his best to destroy lives and this country. He's gone, and out of the picture, the country and it's ills{see Barack Obama} are no longer his problem, and he is no longer ours.

The one problem I had yesterday or last night...I switched to Fox News from the Little League World Series...and even FN was having an "Honor The Swimmer" Pity Party for Ted...get real Fox, this guy should not be honored in any way...unless being a coward who swam away for a drowning women as she clawed the roof of his car trying to get out, can be considered someone to honor. Unless being at the forefront of the slaughter of 40 million or so unborn children since Roe Vs Wade can be someone to honor...pray for the bastard's soul, but don't honor or ask me to honor him in death, because I sure the Hell didn't in life.

The Results Are In________

Nancy the nurse called me from the Doc's office in Minster yesterday afternoon with the results of my "blood work"....The beginning stages of Diabetes 2 it is. So, damn, I don't even get off with Pre-Diabetes. Was I surprised? No, not really...despite the fact I, at 60 years of age, am in pretty good physical shape. I work almost 200 high school baseball, basketball, and football, contests per year. Of late, I have kept my weight stable at around 205 on my 5' 11" frame...for a weight lifter, that size is not overly large, and my family{except the youngest sister} has no history of Diabetes. On the negative side...yes, I need to lose 20 pounds, I no longer lift heavy weights{too hard on the arm joints these days}, I drink too much beer, especially in the summer, and even though the only sugar I partake in is my morning muffin with preserves, my eating habits of late have been mediocre, but not awful.

I guess I could blame it on Agent Orange from Vietnam, many guys do these days...but I would be lying if I said or even thought that....40 years after the fact, even though there were AO drums at Nha Trang and Tan Son Nhut...I just don't believe that's the cause. It's a lifestyle thing, and I am content to live with that self prognosis.

Diabetes 2, unlike D-1 can be treated with exercise and diet{and maybe a pill later on} for now the insulin injections and daily finger sticking is not in the cards....I can be thankful for that at least.

A visit to the Dietitian_____

So I ask Nancy, "what next"? "Well Doc seems to think that no medication treatment for now is good", she says. "Meet with the Hospital Dietitian at St. Marys and then follow her advice for 6 weeks, check back in for more blood tests after that time, and go from there". OK, I say...I call, make and appointment for next Thursday, September 3rd, and we will go that way for 6 weeks...meanwhile I am doing my own research on the Internet, to see what I can do, other than completely giving up beer{ I can reduce or quit the fat foods that won't be a problem, neither is the sugar I consume} and an occasional nice weather cigar is something I would rather not do.

Like all things in life, I look at this as and let the "adventure" begin...bring on those salads with lo-cal dressing and baked chicken breasts....

back later>>>>
Photos-(1) Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy will swim no more/(2) Chart of my Type 2 Diabetes...shed no tears for either.


Mushy said...

Don't worry about whether Agent Orange had anything to do with it or not. The money is there...take risked you life for a year there, so you earned it. DO NOT be ashamed...there very little else the government will offer you free!

Have the doctor prepare a letter of diagnosis, mentioning your exposure to AO, and find the nearest VA Representative. He'll do the rest. Should you ever, God forbid, develop cancer, claim that too.

Sam said...

Sorry about the Diabetes brother but Im sure things will be alright if you follow Drs. Orders. Go for the Disability , hell if you dont some Mexican Illegal will get it.
Ive got more pressing issue WHICH CONCENS BOTH YOU AND ME.. Poor ole Newell and Don Boy Poss have hit the panic button. Seems in their minds Big Brother Innernet Booger man who always seems to be lurking these days is ready to pounce on the authors any and all derogeritoty sateemants and are bringing huge lawsuits againsrt any an all offenders such as what I said on the VSPA BB and what you are saying here about the Drunken Coward Teddy Boy Kennedy. Is everyone going nuts these days I ask? Hell if I knew how Id start a Blog , call it Sam's Shit. What do you think, LOL ? sam

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I think most of us have a little touch of diabetes lurking around in us somewhere. I wondered around in AO cleared fields a few times, and I do seem to have a problem with low blood suger at times. I do know I am not giving up my beer or my snuff for any reason short of you gonna die if you don't give it up. My father in law told me he started goin down hill when he quit drinking, and I believe him. OH yea, fatty foods i.e eggs, bacon, ham etc killed my grandmama, she passed at 101. Humm. makes you wonder. Anyhow best to you brother.

PRH....... said...

Thanks Guys...I'm not worried, I figured anything past 60 is gravy anyway. Just did another 2 hour football scrimmage tonight, and am drinking a cold one{lite of course} as I type.

I figure cutting back food and alcohol is wise anyway....but I too know folks who panic and quit everything and drop dead soon after...Hell with that!

Sam: The Gumvent isn't goning to do shit to the VSPA tax's all scare tatics to get us to play nice...and that ain't gonna happen GI. With Ted "The Swimmer" gone, I'm hoping that assclown from Georgia Jumma Carter checks out next...the Islamic Terrorist loving son of a bitch!

Argie said...

Been there. When the dietician show me the "correct" size bowl to use, I just looked around the room, and asked her where the real bowl was. LOL. Follow their advice, I ignored it and now have to use pills until I can prove to my Dr. that I can cut the weight on my own. Started at 290 (6'4")and in the first 5 weeks I've gotten down 13lbs. Portion control and exercise suck, but meds are worse.

PRH....... said...

Thanks Argie...I plan on cutting back...but damn, not sure about my summer time beer consumption. The exercise is no big deal...with almost 200 games per year, and a walk schedule, I can hopefully meet that...doubt if I'll go back into heavy weight lifting, but might restart my 4 times a week routine of push ups and light weight sets....

Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm there too. I'm on medication for diabetes that keeps my blood sugar down, along with my cholesterol. I don't know about AO, but my Mom and her family have it. I'll just keep trying to exercise and keep my diet right. Beer? Sorry, but that's my pleasure and I'll keep drinking until they tell me it will kill me.

Anonymous said...

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