Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tony's Bike Adventure Hits a "Bump"

A little rain in the area as I type this Saturday morning...although we have put a dent in the drought, the Celina area has still been spared most of the much needed rain, and every little bit helps. I'm sure come November we will be back up to speed and bitching about the wet stuff, before it becomes 'white'.

Spent another Friday over at Nick's, sitting beside the Smoker, smoking cigars, drinking a couple of Miller Lites, and smoking meats....yesterday we took a slab of ribs and a tube of sausage, and smoked those during the early afternoon...the results were outstanding to say the least. Home smoked sausage beats the Hell out of the store bought anytime. Meanwhile after 3 hours of smoking the ribs, we added a glaze of Mango Salsa, and pulled those out. They were delicious, and we split up the treasure...I ate a few bites of that, and the rest will go in the crockpot, so as to make it more tender before we dive into that. I had some of the sausage this morning with scrambled eggs. Don't eat those kind of breakfasts much these days, I don't figure it's all that healthy in the long run...and after all I wouldn't want to be targeted by our Asshole-in-Chief, Barry Obummer and his henchman as one to go against his grand plan for Socialised Health Care, would I?

Crazy Tony Takes a Tumble____

If you look at My Favorites on the right side of the blog, you will see one labeled "Crazy Tony's Bicycle Adventure". Tony is my age, 60, and originally from nearby Versailles, Ohio{now living in Greenville, some 30 miles south of Celina}. While I was sweating it out in Vietnam back some 40 years ago, Tony was toiling and sweating it out on the football fields for the University of Toledo outstanding High School Player, he went on to play linebacker for the Rockets in the late 60s and early 1970s. We have been acquaintances/adversaries for a few years now on a local high school sports site, that features the MAC High School Conference in western Ohio.

Tony and I have battled it out over sports and politics...and I'm sure at times he would like to kick my ass...but I digress, we have found some common ground, and have kept in touch.

This spring Tony took off on a recumbent bike trip across the country:

His great adventure started out in the Pacific Northwest and the months brought him back across The Great Plains to return for a short stop here in west Ohio. After a short stay locally, Tony started the last leg of his journey towards Washington DC and the finish, before returning home to his business adventures, and family.

A "small" problem befell Tony last weekend....he crashed, got rescued by some local Amish dudes near Cambridge, Ohio, and was airlifted to Columbus for surgery....problem seems to be, among other things, Tony doesn't remember the wreck or what happened just prior.

As one who has had 2 serious Motorcycle wrecks(1975 and 1987) and one nasty bike crash(1998), I can say I remember almost every excruciating minute.

Tony has great hopes of finishing his trip this year, but I think his family has other plans...At least for now, it looks like the trip may be on hold. However, if you have time, drop by his blog and read the details and view the photos of his adventures these past few months., and his details(those he can remember) of "The Crash".

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Photo-Tony at one of his stops along the way{actually at his old home port of Versailles, Ohio}..."borrowed" without his permission for this "Soo Me Lefty"...


Brigid said...

Glad to see a summer being enjoyed.

LOVE the new header.

Shrinky said...

You mamaged to point me to Tony before, he seems a truly remarkable character, I'm sorry to hear of his troubles.

For years it troubled me of the amnesia I experienced after I was cut out of a car an articulated truck had swallowed. Wasn't til a long time after I learned this is quite common if you get knocked out - the events just prior and after such ancident gets wiped from the memory cells. I am beting your friend Tony was unconsious from the impact. Hope he has a speedy recovery.