Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The 80% Solution/Summer Winds Down

The second straight day of hot humid weather was in the cards yesterday. Today won't be quite as humid, and tomorrow the cooler, dryer weather moves in...well at least dryer. The Dayton area got hammered with some nice rains yesterday, we got nothing, again. The dry weather seems to be confined to a swath of ground from the Fort Wayne area in Indiana down to us...north and into Michigan has been damp, while the Dayton area and south has had more than their share of showers. No rain in the forecast for another 7 days, so says The Weather Channel.
The House, 80% or so complete____

I laid off the painting again yesterday, and probably again today....with 80% of the house complete{just the upstairs outside above the kitchen and some minor trim to go}, I can finish up that and the garage and then work on the shrubs around the house. Should not have a problem getting done before Labor Day.

Football scrimmages begin on Saturday. I have a morning session with Sam and a couple of other guys at 9AM here in Celina...for a Freshman contest.

Despite the Lack of Rain___

My Giant/Mammoth Sunflowers are going great guns...maybe I should have entered them in the Mercer County Fair this coming week{starts Friday}? A couple started to bloom last week, and now my 30 or so plants have at least a dozen on the grow...some of them bigger than my head, which is quite the size. Now, what to do with them? They say, once complete, put them in paper bags and let the seeds mature in a basement or cool spot....well, I'm not a big fan of Sunflower Seeds...but the Doves that frequent the backyard feeding area probably are...so, maybe I'll save some, and let the birds have at the others....one thing for sure, if I'm still kicking next year{Obama Rationed Health Care you know?}...I'm going for at least 50 of these and the small variety...they grow quick and are fun to watch...Shows you how easily entertained I am these days.

Off to get a haircut____

The middle portion of an exciting day{just kidding} will see me head up to George's Barber Shop, to get my ears lowered...that way the stripped football lids will fit my bulbous head, without the hair sticking out...Gotta look sharp.

More Nha Trang Stories and Photos coming up this week, as I look back at my time in Vietnam, 40 years ago.

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photos-The house with the front now complete...just some trim, the top side of the back and some garage work to go...then repair the shrubs, and done for the summer fix up season. The Sunflowers are growing in size and numbers...heads bigger than mine, and a dozen or so already making the bees happy.


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Man you have done a lot of work. Lookin good. Hey that's a tight shot on the ump at the top of your page.

PRH....... said...

That ump be me Gramps....the guy took a before and after shot...I cropped out the ball hanging above the dugout....I was waiting for the tag that never came.