Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to the Routine

After cooking/smoking sausage and ribs over at Nick's place on Friday...I pretty much hung around the house over the entire weekend. The Governor's Cup Boat Races were held in Celina on Grand Lake over the weekend, but I didn't bother....If I had thought our NAMBLA supporting Gov Ted "The Head" Strickland would have shown up, I probably would have been there, just to boo and protest his sorry ass, but he didn't and I didn't either.....and the weather for the weekend you might ask? Cloudy and Cool, never got out of the 60s with only a hint of sun on occasion...a preview of fall? Perhaps.

Patricia begins another school year today...St Henry and most other teachers are back at it, with the students to follow tomorrow....She has had a busy summer, canning, cleaning, etc...I'm sure she is probably ready to go back, but will miss her time off.

Football in full time begins this week...I've got scrimmages at Parkway{Rockford} tonight and Spencerville Thursday...the Regular Varsity season begins Friday, and I'm scheduled for the Celina-Lima Senior JV Game here on Saturday morning.

Obama The Victim____

Poor Barry....Our Kenyan Born Prez is vacationing with his skinny legged wife Michelle Antoinette Obama and the kids this week, on the taxpayers dime of course, at that Liberal shithole, Martha's Vineyard....The dump the King and his Queen are staying at is only $35 to 50 thousand per week. Don't you hark en back to the days when GW went to his own ranch in Crawford, Texas? Of course the media and left loons bitched about W being away on Vacation while Iraq Burned...nary a word a word of complaint about Barry and "Shell" spending taxpayer's money to wine and dine with the Kennedy Clan and other white trash on The soon we forget.

Of course Barry is also complaining to the press that they need to give him space, so he and "skinny legs and all" can get some rest from the political wars that the Obama's are losing...losing Big Time! The Rasmussen Report Sez:

Click on the Presidential Tracking Poll....

Yesterday Ol' Barry was down to a minus 14 in his popularity ranking{the all time low} with today being a -12....seems The Messiah ain't fooling everybody all of the time no longer...must be because he's black{or at least half black} and we are all racists? Right Barry! You Hypocritical Son of a Bitch, we despise you and your policies, not because you are black, but because you are a Marxist out to destroy the country for our kids and grandkids.

Of course losing your war in Afghanistan and losing the battle for Socialised Health Care tends to make you a bit's that change working Barry and supporters? I have to say it's pretty sweet watching this pompous ass sink and his lap dog media worshippers not figure out how to stop the slide.

Scotland____with friends like this...

Meanwhile our "allies" in the British Isles continue to spit in Obama's face and suck up to Radical Islam{hint: All Islam is Radical} by letting the Lockerbie Bomber go home to Libya to die...for compassion's reasons of course. Where was the compassion when this bastard blew 273 souls out of the sky over Scotland a few years ago? And the weak protests coming from the Obummer Administration are pathetic.

But enough politics...they are starting{and actually have been for awhile} to get boring...the majority of American voters elected this half baked Chicago Street Pimp as President. The weak kneed Republicans are hardly better, so what good does it do to bitch and moan? Time to kick back, fire up a good hand rolled cigar, have a nice drink, say "Screw It", and enjoy the ride.

I can no more do anything about the political situation in the country than I can about the fact that as I age, my body is not what it was at 25.

This doesn't mean I will stop speaking out against this Administration or against things I believe are wrong...but I will no longer rant and rage, on this blog, life is to short{especially after you hit 60} to spend my spare time on things I cannot change.

Back Later>>>>

Photos-30 Giant Sunflowers are now out...the head on this guy is 41 inches in circumference..13 1/2 inches round...this is the granddaddy of the 30, pretty happy with what I've grown here. The Obamas, the Joker and his wife Michelle Antoinette...who appointed these assholes King and Queen of America? And the Victims of the Lockerbie Bombing and their families get another insult from the Brits and Islam.

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