Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The "Summer(project) of Houseworth" is finished!

I started out about 6 weeks ago in early July with a goal to paint the house and clean up the garage and bushes/Jungle/shrubs around the house. I figured with me hand painting the house and garage, some 2500 sq feet with 3", 2", and trim paint brushes by hand it would take me the rest of the summer, so I set out a goal to be done by Labor Day. Lucky for me, it has been for the most part{the past 2 weeks not withstanding} a dry and cool I finished up the project. Now I can get back to enjoying the rest of summer...which means a few cigars, a lot of beer, and sitting around in the back yard when I'm not officiating football.

The house, which we purchased in 1995, was built in late 1923 as a Parsonage for the Pastor and his family of the First Church of God in Celina{located right across the street to the north and west} When the new church was built in the late 1980s, they sold the church to a local bar owner/landlord, the house was sold to a local Plumbing and Heating Contractor...his family lived there for a handful of years, before he sold it to us in 95. Back in the 1970s Patricia and I lived just a block north of the Church and she had always loved the house...20 years or so later we made it ours. The Kitchen was added in 1944 and the detached 2 1/2 car garage and dog kennel were built in the 1980s. Given the fact that the majority of the outside wood is 85+ years old....the painting by hand is a chore, but well worth the effort. But I have to believe this, my 3rd try, was my best, and my last time to paint the homestead.

Blood Drawing, Football Meeting, and Reds Baseball____

Those are what today and tomorrow entails. This morning, after fasting since 10PM last night..I drove over to my Doctor at Minster to have one of the nurses draw some blood. Seems when the were doing my blood work last month to check my Kidneys...the found those OK, but my sugar levels were back this morning for more Vampire feedings....seems she may have stuck that needle in a little the time I got home my inner arm had a nice knot from the sticking..about the size of a half of tennis ball...No wonder I hate giving blood? I'm guessing they are checking me for Diabetes, although no one in my family has ever claimed long as they don't ask me to give up beer drinking in the Summer or want me to stick myself in the finger everyday, I can handle the other options. We will see how that goes.

Will head back to Van Wert with Sam and Garry tonight for another local Rules more scrimmages for me until next Monday the 24th at Parkway, and then the 27th at Spencerville. The regular season begins at all levels the weekend starting Friday August 28th.

Tomorrow Patricia, Anissa, me, and 7 other clients and workers from Mercer Residential head for Cincinnati to take in the Reds....although the season has been lost for some time now, this gets the guys to a ball game...hopefully the 60% chance of Thunderstorms will pass the Great American Ballpark and leave us dry. One thing about GABP, not a bad seat in the house, and we will be under the roof in case it does shower. The group will stop in Middletown after the game at the local Pizza Hut for supper.

That will about do it for Patricia's summer...she is back at St. Henry for classes next Monday, with the students first day being Tuesday the 25th

That will do it for this report, back either tomorrow night or Friday with details of the Cincinnati Trip.

photos-The completed project..front of house{top left} The Kitchen as seen from my fenced in back yard, and the October Red Garage Doors, which I finished up yesterday. Finally tickets for the Reds vs Giants in a afternoon game, tomorrow, in Cincinnati.
And this from the American Thinker Magzine hits the nail right on the head:
Funny and True!


Shrinky said...

That's a job to take pride in, Pat - it looks great. Have fun at the game, hope the side you are rooting for wins.

Yeah, my kids are back to school in a couple of weeks time - nice as it is to have the summer break, there is something comforting about falling back into the old routine again, isn't there?

Winger said...

Great job on the house, old timer! It looks great!

PRH....... said...

Thanks Shrinky and Winger...I have to work in the summer during my non-baseball umpiring days, so as to have an excuse to keep drinking beer.

Ahhh, the joys of retirment{truth is, I work now more than when I had a real job, and enjoying it more as well}.

Matthew Avitabile said...

Like the header