Friday, August 14, 2009

Smokin' Salmon

More sunshine and a little warmer today...Patricia and I headed over to Nick's place to pick beets and a few other things from the garden for canning....and I took about 15 pounds of Salmon from Nick and my fishing trip to the Au Sable River/Lake Huron last fall. When we returned from the Tawas City/Au Sable area in late October 2008, we cut out some fillets from our catch and proceeded to freeze the goods. Nick purchased a smoker this spring, and today we decided to see how we did with the fish....the results were excellent, if I don't say so myself.

The garden at Nick's is coming along, with plenty of "stuff" now ready for harvest....Patricia has been canning for the past month and with school starting in just a week or so...we gathered beets and some tomatoes....meanwhile we loaded the Smoker with chips, water, and hickory and we put the thawed packages of some of last year's catch....within 2 hours Nick and I were treating ourselves to Salmon and Beer....

Scrimmages being____
9AM tomorrow it all begins...the start of the High School Football scrimmage season gets underway. Sam and I along with a couple other guys have the Celina Freshman game with Piqua. The good news about the early start is with humidity on the rise and temperatures as well...we will be done before Noon, and before the heat begins. A few more scrimmages next week then the regular season kicks off on August 28th.

Photos-{top left} A few pounds of smoked Salmon as we pulled it out of the smoker{2} A couple of those same Salmon with me as they looked late last October{3} Nick and Patricia digging up some beets for the canning jars, still plenty of stuff to pick, despite the drought, it's been a good year in both gardens that we share{4}Nick's new weekend we will smoke some red meat, we just have not decided what kind far Chicken and Fish have went through it{5} The Salmon at about the half way point...butter lime/lemon garlic sauce with pepper and sea salt makes this a great meal.
Enjoy the weekend___back later>>>>


Mushy said...

Love your new header photo!

Salmon must be like scotch whiskey, you have to acquire a taste for it. If only succeeded in liking scotch!

One of my brother-in-laws loves to order salmon-on-a-plank, and the rest of use tease him about giving us a taste of the pine plank!

Of course, he is much healthier than the rest of us, but we take the risk!

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I like scotch and salmon, but I prefer the scotch.

FHB said...

Cool pictures. You guys are almost self sufficient.