Monday, August 17, 2009

The Weekend in Review

Summer has decided to wait until mid August to rear it's head....still no rain in our area, but plenty of it north, south, in Ohio, plus Illinois, and Michigan...we have been dry, but they are calling for a chance of storms for the next week...some around today, but it's all north..AGAIN! Maybe we will get our share.

The Weekend____

After we picked in Nick's Garden on Friday, and Nick and I smoked the Salmon, Patricia left and Nick and I sat around, smoked a couple of Cigars and downed a few beers....I got to bed early Friday night. Saturday dawned humid but cool enough for the Celina Scrimmages to go forward in good style. Sam, me, and Jim S, did the Freshman vs Piqua, Garry and his crew did the Varsity against Sidney. Just 11 days before the regular season kicks off August 28th....hopeful the rains will soften the fields, and the humidity will drop down.

I had finished painting the house on Thursday, and now just have some garage trim and the garage doors...might get at it today, maybe not. I will then clean up the bushes around the house and garage and the Summer House Project will be done. Here are some after photos:

Patricia spent all day Saturday and part of the day Sunday "Canning" Veggies...plenty of beets, tomatoes, peas, green beans, etc, to go with the already good supply of fruit jam. That is almost done for the year....Good thing too, Patricia is back to school next week, so Summer for her, is about finished.. Here is some of her weekend work:

It was a humid Sunday...after Church, we rotated between the A/C inside and the back yard hopeful of catching a breeze. Anissa, a little tougher than us, when it comes to heat and humidity, spent most of the afternoon in the back yard. As the old song goes.."Too hot to fish, to hot to drink beer." As short, dry, and cool as our summer has been...I am ready for some fall type weather....70s and some dry humidity sounds good.
The week ahead___
Will try to finish up the painting, and then wait on some cooler, dryer, weather to do the trimming of the bushes. Wednesday I head to Minster to get some blood drawn...sugar levels were somewhat high on my last Doctor will get that checked...not really concerned about it, never had a problem, but we will get it looked at anyway.

Thursday Patricia, Anissa, and I, along with some of the men and crew from Mercer Residential will head for Cincinnati, to take out a Reds-Giants game at The Great American Ballpark....the Reds stink, but the guys love this kind of stuff, and we will be there to enjoy the day with them.

Friday I may have football, maybe not. Garry needed a sub for his crew at Fort Recovery, so told him I could help with that scrimmage if needed. Things, football wise, become more active next the first of September, I will have more days with games than those without.

Back Later>>>>
photos-{top left}-22 of the 30 Giant Sunflowers are out and blooming...the rest should be in full show by the end of the week. Also the west then east side of the finished house...painted, new roof, and new down spouting....this should last me until my last least the spouting and roof...paint? Not sure about that, but, I won't be doing the entire thing again. And finally a collection of Patricia's canning work from over the weekend. Will give some away to our garden partners, and Mom...the rest heads to the basement storage area for future needs.


Mushy said...

Great job on the house man...I'd never even try and tackle that these days.

Deborah Wilson said...


The house looks good and I really like the red trim. Patricia has been real busy, I can see, and everything looks good.

This past month has been hectic - this class I'm taking and that MONSTER MIDTERM that I just got through enough to leave a girl brain dead. lol

One thing that I'd like to mention, over the past 2 weeks I've been 'listening' to Glenn Beck and I must say that these 2 weeks have been his best shows.

I didn't have time to comment on many things, but the town hall meetings have kept me glued - I am glad to see so many people finally waking up and not afraid to speak out.

Maybe now....maybe more people will finally understand the meaning of/consequences of Marxism.

And it looks like Voinovich upset alot of southerners - maybe I just have a bad habit of ignoring politicians who make dumb statements...and he's just one of the poster boys for term limits.

Besides, everybody in this country has an accent, according to culture and region, and most think that the one they speak is the normal one.

I think everyone in blog land is on vacation at the lake or something...

PRH....... said...

Deb: People are fired far as Voina-bitch...that sorry SOB has never been anything more than a Cleveland RINO. George and the other former GOP Senator Mike De-Whine destroyed the Republican Party in Ohio along with Bob "Graf" Taft....It will take years for the Republicans to recover in Ohio.

Finished the Painting today Mushy...The 'Summer of Pat' was completed today. Painting done, Garage too, Garage cleaned and bushes trimmed....6 weeks and I had planned on 8 or 9...I AM ONE HAPPY FELLOW'